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Street Prize

Party Time In Treharris

15 July 2021 - CF46 5HS - Treharris - £30,000
Jeff has some terrific Street Prizes for today's lucky winners in Treharris

Eight neighbours from a street in Treharris have been left lost for words after scooping £30,000 prizes. The windfall comes after their postcode, CF46 5HS, was announced as a winner of today's £30,000 Street Prize.

Six of the neighbours each netted a £30,000 cheque, while the remaining two winners each pocketed £60,000 as they both play with two tickets.

Family Treats

One of our lucky £60,000 winners was Michelle, who found out how much she'd won during a video call with Street Prize Presenter Jeff Brazier

Before Jeff revealed her prize, Michelle joked, "My husband has already spent the money. He's a carp fisherman and wants to get a new set of rods." As her big cheque was revealed she exclaimed, "Oh my God! Jeez, my husband is definitely spending that money! Flipping heck!"

Michelle, who works in ambulance control, was also looking forward to treating her daughter. She said, "I'll get my daughter's bedroom done now. It needs a plaster overhaul and redecorating, some new furniture."

Asked if she wanted to buy anything for herself, Michelle said, "I don't prioritise myself, I prioritise my daughter, my husband, the house first. So this is something that I'll actually treat myself as well without having to think 'have we got enough money in the budget?' to afford it.

"I'll get my eyebrows done again maybe!"

One thing Michelle was hoping to organise was a family holiday. She added, "I've always wanted to go to the Maldives. Just to go somewhere a bit extravagant, just to say that I've been there. We haven't been on holiday for at least three years now. Just to get away on a plane somewhere would be amazing."

Holiday Decisions

Emma was another happy prize winner. Before learning she'd won £30,000, Emma admitted she doesn't usually have much luck with competitions. She added, "I'm lucky to have the family I have, I'm lucky to have the partner I have, I'm lucky to have the beautiful two dogs I have, but in terms of winning prizes, no!"

On seeing her prize cheque, an emotional Emma said, "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Oh I feel sick. I'm shaking. That's going to take a few days to sink in, that is life-changing for me. Absolutely life-changing."

She had a few ideas for her winnings and said, "One of the first things I'm going to do is buy my partner a passport because we've been together for eight years and we've never been on holiday together.

"He's a fan of really hot countries. I'd love to go to Iceland, I'd love to see the lights! But maybe we'll go with a hot one first, somewhere like the Maldives or Fiji."

She was thrilled to hear about the Charities supported by the lottery as she volunteers with a local good cause. She added, "I work really closely with a local dog shelter and I can't wait to phone them and tell them that I'll be able to donate money to them.

"I do a lot of fundraising in my free time for them, if I give them a small amount it will make a huge difference."

Emma was also pleased that so many of her neighbours had won as well. She said, "That is the best news. I think everyone has had such a difficult 15 months, I haven't felt this happy since I was about three years old on Christmas morning!"

To celebrate, Emma was going to arrange a virtual celebration. She exclaimed, "I'm going to have one major online party! I'm going to invite everyone in my contacts, everyone from work, everyone in the street, all my friends and family, oh my gosh!"

Chuffed To Beans

Chris won an amazing £60,000 and learned of his windfall while on a break from work as a delivery driver. On seeing his cheque he exclaimed, "Brilliant! Yeah, excellent. Superb."

The first thoughts for the dad-of-two were for his children. Chris plans to use some of the winnings to help his family. He said, "I'll sort my children out for starters. Get them both on the property ladder. They'll be chuffed to beans.

"I've always wanted to do it but never been able to, but now the opportunity has come up and I can do it. Superb."

Chris said the winnings would help him with a home-improvement project as well. He said, "We were meant to be starting our kitchen as we are off next week. But I might not bother now, I might get a kitchen fitter in! It will be a nice relaxing two weeks off work now."

But his first plans were to have a small celebration when he got home. He said, "I'll get a Chinese takeaway or something and a couple of beers!"

A Nice Little Break

Marc learned about his £30,000 win after getting home from working a nightshift as a forklift driver. After the initial excitement, he'll use some of his winnings for a special day as he plans to get married in 2024. He said, "My partner will be so happy. Some of it will be going on the wedding, I've got some good ideas to surprise my partner with!"

He also plans to share some of his winnings with his family and save some for his daughter. When asked if he had any plans to treat himself, he added, "I'll have a nice little break! I definitely do need a holiday myself. A lodge with a hot tub and just chill."

Over The Moon

Gary was with his wife, Sonia, when he found out he'd scooped a £30,000 cheque. He exclaimed, "Absolutely brilliant!" Sonia gasped and clapped on seeing the total.

The couple, who own their own taxi service, were left in shock with the win. Gary said, "I'm over the moon. We've never won anything ever in our life, we've never had anything given to us before, so this is just amazing."

The parents-of-two also had plans for a holiday. Gary added, "I can feel another cruise coming on. We went to the Mediterranean last time. You never know, it might be the Caribbean this time!"

Jeff Brazier sent his congratulations to all our winners. He said, "What a fantastic surprise for our winners in Treharris, I couldn't be happier for them! It sounds like they've got some great plans for their winnings so I'm sure they'll enjoy spending the cash."

Every day throughout our July draws one postcode will be announced as a £30,000 Street Prize winner. Every player in that lucky postcode will win £30,000 for every ticket they play.

Changing The World

This prize was part of a draw promoted on behalf of Postcode Education Trust. Postcode Education Trust has a mission to provide education, particularly to those living in emergency situations. This trust supports wonderful organisations such as War Child, Save the Children and UNICEF UK with regular grant funding.

33% of ticket sales goes directly to a range of amazing charities and good causes. Players of People's Postcode Lottery have to date raised over £750 Million for thousands of deserving projects across Britain and around the world.

Have you signed up to play yet? Take a look at all the amazing Prizes our players can win. If you aren't sure how to join the fun, find out How It Works. It's really easy to sign up and play.

Published: 15/07/2021

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