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Street Prize

Lucky Seventeen In Stalybridge

20 December 2020 - SK15 2EN - Stalybridge - £50,000
Jeff has some early Christmas gifts to deliver!

17 Stalybridge residents are set to have a cracking Christmas after winning £900,000 between them with People's Postcode Lottery. Their postcode, SK15 2EN, was announced as a winner of our £50,000 Street Prize on Sunday.

16 of the neighbours won £50,000 each. The 17th doubled their prize to £100,000, thanks to playing with two tickets.

The neighbours found out how much they'd won over video calls with People's Postcode Lottery Presenters Jeff Brazier and Matt Johnson.

£100,000 Windfall

Builder Paul was the lucky resident who scooped £100,000. When his cheque was revealed he said, "What, no way! Awesome, I wasn’t expecting that much!"

When asked how he'd spend the money, Paul said, "A new motorbike or campervan maybe? Wow, I'm gobsmacked!"

The win was nicely timed for Paul. He said, "I ended up having a shoulder operation and having two months off work. I've only just come back in this week!"

Lost For Words

Paul's housemate Matthew plays with one ticket and netted £50,000. When the cheque was revealed to Matthew he said, "Oh my God, I'm trying not to swear now…I'm just lost for words at the minute!  Next year, if possible, I'll be going to New Zealand to visit my friend now."

When Matt Johnson asked Matthew whether the house he shared with Paul was a party house, the truck driver replied, "I think it might be after today!"

Dream Honeymoon

The win came at a great time for Bobbie and her partner Ryan, who will use the winnings to book a dream honeymoon. Bobbie said, "Our wedding was cancelled so it's been a bit rubbish, but we can book our honeymoon now! Maybe the Dominican Republic or Vegas?"

Ryan joked, "I knew I was with her for some reason."

Bobbie added, "My little boy will have an amazing Christmas, that's for sure!"

Quality Of Life

Teaching assistant and mother of four Melissa was another lucky winner. The reveal of the cheque sparked a gasp from Mellissa who immediately let her husband and son know. Melissa said, "Oh my God… we've got fifty thousand!"

When asked how she would spend the money, Melissa said, "I've got four sons who mean the world to me, so I'll be treating them and having a better quality of life for us all."

Melissa's youngest son is desperate to go on a canal boat holiday with the family. Melissa joked, "I think we can go on a bit more than a canal boat holiday now!"

Champagne Celebrations

Social care worker Julie was overwhelmed with the amount on her cheque. Julie said, "I can't speak, I don't know what to say. That's just amazing. I really didn't want to cry but I'm going to. I can't breathe! I think I might get a bottle of champagne tonight! Is it too early to start drinking champagne?!"

Julie already has plans for spending the win. She said, "We're going to have a great Christmas. I think I need to go shopping! It's my partner Guy's 50th in March so we will certainly be planning something fabulous! He's here behind me now pacing the floor like an expectant father. He won't have to sub me money anymore!"

The neighbours won the prize as part of our special December #50KADAY campaign, where one postcode is announced as a £50,000 prize winner every single day. All the players in that lucky postcode win £50,000 for every ticket they play with.

People's Postcode Lottery Presenter Matt Johnson, said, "Wow, 17 winners! There are certainly going to be a lot of celebrations this Christmas in Stalybridge. A huge congratulations again to all of everyone!"

Helping Others

A minimum of 32% of People's Postcode Lottery ticket sales goes to Charities. Players have raised over £600 Million to date for thousands of good causes across Britain and around the world.

This prize was part of a draw promoted by the Ellen McArthur Foundation which has received over £3.3 Million in funding thanks to players of People's Postcode Lottery. 

Do you have your subscription to People's Postcode Lottery? If you aren't playing yet, check out How It Works and the amazing Prizes that can be won. Why not sign up today and see what you can win!

Published: 20/12/2020

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