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£1 Million Prize

Staplehurst Millionaire Street

20 January 2024 - TN12 0SQ - Staplehurst - £1 Million

A stunned hairdresser says she's in dreamland after winning £166,666 - and her parents also bagged the same eye-watering amount.

Kelly landed her big win before delivering a matching cheque to her dad. Now she's celebrating along with parents Tony and Sharon after winning a share of this week's Millionaire Street prize.

Kelly said, "You dream of winning the lottery but to win it with my parents - it's just incredible. It's going to take forever to sink in."

Blown Away

Tony, who lives a few doors down from his daughter, couldn't believe his eyes after seeing Kelly standing at his door holding a golden envelope. He said, "It's just blown us away."

Kelly and Tony shared the £1 Million prize with four neighbours in Staplehurst, Kent, after their postcode, TN12 0SQ, was today announced as the winner. Every ticket was worth £166,666.

After scooping her windfall, we offered Kelly the chance to present her parents with their prize.

The mum-of-two said, "I was still shaking and then to be a part of it for them - and to see their faces - it was so special."

Before scoring his £166,666 win Tony said there were strange signs to suggest they'd land a huge People's Postcode Lottery win.

Tony, a retired engineer, said, "The weirdest thing was that Abba's song 'Money, Money, Money' came on the radio this morning and I said, 'That's an omen!'

"Before that, five short power cuts had the wireless doorbell ringing out every time the power came back on - but nobody was at the door."

Tony and Sharon - who were also born in the village - have lived at their current address for over 30 years where they raised their two children Kelly and Marcus.

After having kids of her own, Kelly moved back to Staplehurst with her husband Jason and by chance bought a house on Marian Square - a few doors away from her mum and dad.

The family are now planning a big holiday to celebrate Tony's 70th birthday later this year.

Sharon said, "We can take the whole family away for Tony's birthday. It's his treat but he'll be paying."

The grandad-of-four added, "We're both retired, and we'll be able to do things without worrying about anything. The security is the biggest thing."

Bragging Rights

Kelly, who works as a self-employed hairdresser, is also planning a birthday trip for Jason.

Kelly said, "I'd like to take my husband to New York next year for his 50th. I was thinking I might need to save for a year but obviously, I don't need to now."

She added, "Jason was actually watching on the doorbell camera when the Postcode Lottery came to the door. I called him and he said, 'Did I really see what I think I saw?', I replied, 'Yes, can you believe it?'"

And Kelly says she's regained the bragging rights over her brother Marcus after he came into some money over Christmas.

She said, "My brother won £1,000 on Premium Bonds in December and he was bragging a little bit. I might have some fun and send pictures of the cheque to him at random times."

Marcus added, "She's always got to go one better."

Along with the winning dad-daughter duo, four others on the street celebrated £166,666 wins.

An overjoyed Tony said, "It's a lovely cul-de-sac. Many of us have lived on Marian Square for decades and to win with them is amazing."

"I think we'll have a small party to celebrate. We've had street parties before, but we might wait until it gets a bit warmer."

Bright Eyes

Steven and his wife Pauline were left gobsmacked after arriving home from hospital to their massive cash win.

Pauline had just undergone cataract surgery before returning home to our People's Postcode Lottery camera crew on her street.

Through a bandaged left eye and sunglasses, Pauline peered at their winning cheque in disbelief. She said, "I came home in the car with a scarf over my eyes, I couldn't handle the light but luckily it started to get better."

Steven, a retired financial advisor, joked, "Her eyes lit up when the cheque was shown."

Pauline continued, "You see it on the telly but you never think this is going to happen to you."

The couple plan to spoil their four grandchildren - Millie, Poppy, Ethan, and Charlie - with their winnings, starting with a family holiday.

Steven said, "We'll see our kids and grandkids right and we'll take them all on another holiday."

"We could also help get Millie private driving lessons, which means she can learn before she turns 17."

Self-proclaimed 'speed freak' Steven says although he's spending more time in the slow lane, he'll be cruising along in style soon.

He said, "I am a bit of a car snob, so I'll probably upgrade now. I've been looking at a 4x4 black Jaguar with all the gear on it.

"I'm a bit of an old-man driver now but I used to be a bit of a speed freak."

Steven added, "I'm delighted for our neighbours, in particular Kelly and Jason, because at their time of life it'll make such a big difference. Jason likes his cars, too, so I'm already wondering what car he'll get."

Helping Hand

The winners all told how they originally signed up for People's Postcode Lottery because they wanted to support a range of charities.

And because their postcode has won, a vital organisation in their area has benefited from funding raised by players of People's Postcode Lottery.

The Paddock Wood Community Advice Centre near Tunbridge Wells was awarded £15,000 by Postcode Community Trust.

The charity was set up by previous Citizens Advice volunteers, including Fiona Pengelley in 2012, shortly after the local Citizens Advice office closed down.

The funding will be used on operating costs and to purchase new equipment, enabling the recruitment of more advisors into its team of volunteers.

"The community would have been left with absolutely no support when the Citizens Advice closed, and I simply could not stand and watch it happen," said Fiona.

"Something had to be done - so I used my skills from working at Citizens Advice, to set up a charity which could offer the local community a helping hand at their hardest times. Many of our most vulnerable clients are overwhelmed with their problems."

The Paddock Wood Community Advice Centre offers help with welfare benefits, employment, housing and homelessness and mental health support.

The Community Advice Centre, which has a total of 17 volunteer advisors, saw over 500 new clients last year - and helped more than 920 people in just 12 months.

"Everyone is welcome here - we pride ourselves in being able to offer face-to-face support to everyone who comes knocking on our door, and some of this money will help us continue to do this."

Fiona added, "We couldn't be more grateful as today's funding will really go a long way here."

Other charities in the Staplehurst area receiving funding thanks to Saturday's Millionaire Street prize win include:

  • Kent Kindness - £5,000 Kent Kindness offers support and hope to young asylum seekers and refugees who are living in Kent.

  • RSPCA Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone Branch - £40,000 RSPCA Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone is a branch of the RSPCA raising money locally to support their animal welfare work.

  • Staplehurst Scout Group - £5,000 Scouts is where young people make new friends, have amazing adventures, and learn new skills.

All funding was awarded by Postcode Community Trust (opens in a new tab).

Charities Win Too

Today's prize is part of a draw promoted on behalf of Postcode Community Trust (opens in a new tab). Supported by our players, this trust supports smaller charities and good causes in Wales to make a difference to their community for the benefit of people and planet.

With People's Postcode Lottery, 33% of the ticket price goes to amazing charities and good causes around the world. Our players have raised more than £1.2 Billion so far!

Not signed up to play yet? Our players can win fantastic Prizes every single day. If you'd like to know more then check out How It Works and sign up today.

Published: 20/01/2024

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