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Street Prize

Big Bucks For Birmingham

23 August 2021 - B27 6SY - Birmingham - £30,000
Matt with the Street Prize cheque for our Birmingham winners

A teacher and a postman are among ten Birmingham neighbours winning whopping prizes today.  They're celebrating after their postcode was announced as the latest winner in August's #30KADAY extravaganza.

B27 6SY was revealed as a Street Prize winner, landing the neighbours a cash windfall. Eight of the winners netted a thrilling £30,000 each. Another player scooped £60,000, thanks to playing two tickets. One final winner collected a staggering £90,000, thanks to playing with three tickets.

Made His Day, Week, Year

Mark couldn't believe his eyes when he found that he'd won £30,000 during a video call with Street Prize Presenter Matt Johnson. On seeing the cheque, Mark gasped and said, "Oh my word. I can't believe that. I really can't believe it. I'm just over the moon. It's made my day, week, year - everything! It's just one of those things you don't think will ever happen to you!"

Mark was at work, at a local primary school, when he learned of his windfall. He was busy prepping for the upcoming school term. His fiancé, Alix, also works there as a teacher's assistant. The couple met while working at the school. Mark said "It's been quite a journey and this just sort of completes it! We met here, we got engaged here, we have our children and one of them comes to school here. It's a lucky place for me!"

The win comes at the perfect time for the couple who are planning to get married in a year, almost to the day of their lottery win. Mark added, "We've got a wedding booked for next summer. We don't have to worry about the things we have planned for that now. We're getting married in Crete and we booked so that we could take our close friends and family. It will just mean that other things, like Alix's dress, things for the bridesmaids, being able to get them what they want. Just being able to say we can get everyone over there, everyone can have a great time, we can put some money behind the bar. Getting them a passport, all those additional costs that come with it. It just means so much to us."

The dad-of-two was also looking forward to treating his family with some of the winnings. Mark said, "We've just had a new baby so just to be able to get the things we need for him. And we've got another little boy as well who's five, so being able to let him do things over the summer and enjoy it a bit. My brother gets married this year so just being able to help him out a little bit, and my sister is at university, so might get her a big shop in! The amount of people I can help out with that, it just makes our lives so much easier and so much better."

Mark also thought some of their winnings could help him realise one long-awaited dream for his children. Mark said, "The biggest dream we had is to be able to take them to Disneyland and that's a realistic prospect now, it's not just a pipe dream. After we get married, we can actually start looking at things and give them an experience that we only dreamt of before."

Making Life Easier

Another winner to take home £30,000 was Mervyn. After seeing his prize cheque, Mervyn said, "Excellent. Fantastic, thank you. That'll be great!"

Mervyn, who has been a postman for 35 years, wasn't too sure how he would spend his winnings. He said, "Just general stuff really. Make life a bit easier, spend a bit and put a bit away."

The dad-of-two said there might be some treats for the family in the future. Mervyn joked, "It probably won't last long with this family!"

Street Prize Presenter Matt Johnson sent his congratulations to all our winners. Matt said, "It was an absolute pleasure to surprise Mark, Alix and Mervyn with this news today, I'm so excited for them! I'm sure Mark and Alix are going to have a beautiful wedding and I hope Mervyn enjoys treating his family. A massive congratulations to them and all our other winners in Birmingham today."

Deserving Projects

This prize was part of a draw promoted on behalf of Postcode Justice Trust, which supports organisations working to improve lives by delivering justice, human rights and equality. Supported charities include Global Witness, the Helen Bamber Foundation and the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Lucky winners aren't the only ones who benefit from People's Postcode Lottery. With 33% of the ticket price going to charities and good causes, our amazing players have raised more than £750 Million for over 9,000 deserving causes to date.

With fabulous Prizes announced every single day, it's a great time to become a People's Postcode Lottery player. Take a look at How It Works and, if you're feeling lucky, sign up to play.

Published: 23/08/2021

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