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Street Prize

Super Sunday In Slough

24 February 2019 - SL3 7QD - Slough - £30,000

Local Health Visitor Florence from Slough is having a fantastic weekend as her postcode, SL3 7QD, was announced as the winner of Sunday's £30,000 Street Prize.

Florence was so shocked when she received her cheque that she had to sit in a chair for two hours while the news sunk in! She said, "I can't quite believe it's real. I sat down and didn't get up for two hours. It feels like a dream - I was scared I would wake up! I'm just absolutely gobsmacked that I've won this much."

The Trip of a Lifetime

Florence works in Windsor but will soon be jetting off to Nigeria and the Caribbean thanks to the windfall.

"I'm from Nigeria so I'll definitely use the money to take a trip back home. My two sons Daniel and Joshua haven't been for a long time so I can't wait to bring them along with me and have the trip of a lifetime. I've also always wanted to visit the Caribbean but couldn't afford it – I can definitely go now!"

It wasn't just Florence who was excited to hear about her win. Florence said, "I had to go back to work after I received my cheque and my colleagues were all so happy for me. I bought them all breakfast though so that could be something to do with it – I think breakfast will be on me for the foreseeable future!"

People's Postcode Lottery Presenter Judie McCourt was in Slough to present Florence with her cheque. She said, "What a lovely day I've had in Slough. It was my pleasure to meet Florence and hear how she will spend her prize money – it sounds like she has some amazing holidays lined up for the year. Sign up now and I could be knocking on your door!"

Local Causes Everywhere

With 32% of the ticket price going to charities and good causes, players of People's Postcode Lottery have now raised £393 Million for over 5,500 causes around the world. This prize was part of a draw promoted by Dogs Trust.

Lots of local charities close to Florence have also benefited from players' support, including Headway Thames Valley. The group received £3,099 this year to run sports sessions for people with brain injuries.

There are Prizes announced every day with People's Postcode Lottery! Check out our How It Works page to learn more. Sign up to play today and, with a little bit of luck, we could be knocking on your door.

It wasn't just Florence who was smiling this weekend, six neighbours won £30,000 per ticket in Saturday's Street Prize.

Published: 24/02/2019

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