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Street Prize

Delighted In Dewsbury

28 April 2019 - WF12 7HZ - Dewsbury - £30,000

Lady Luck paid a visit to Dewsbury after a windfall totalling £390,000 was won by 13 people on one street. The Woodkirk Gardens neighbours netted the incredible sum when their lucky postcode, WF12 7HZ, scooped today's Street Prize, landing them £30,000 each. 

Mind Blowing

Retired Michael didn't believe it was real and thought someone was having him on. He said, "This is mind blowing - winning this kind of money when you're retired and on a fixed income really is life changing!"

Scooping the massive cheque isn't the only thing Michael and his wife Lynn have to celebrate. Lynn said, "It was our 46th wedding anniversary yesterday and we had a small party, but maybe a bigger one is in line now! It's Michael's 70th birthday in September and we were thinking about booking a cruise down the Danube, but we'll be able to do more than think about it now with this money! We can't wait to get the kids round to tell them and pop open a bottle of fizz."

Jumping Up And Down

Mother-of-two Christine says the moment she saw Street Prize Presenter Jeff Brazier on her street she realised her luck was in. She said, "I'd been out with my mum that morning, but when I drove into my street and saw Jeff and a People's Postcode Lottery car it hit home what was happening.

"My son and daughter had been out all day at the World Coal Carrying Championships, but when they came home I got them to open the gold envelope again and they were jumping up and down. We'll do something fun with the money like go on an adventure holiday with the kids, either a safari trip or a once in a lifetime visit to Australia."

Christine also said her big win would come to the rescue of her home, which has been hit with subsidence caused by the roots of an old oak tree in the garden.

A Tremendous Amount

Words escaped Brenda when she saw what was written on her cheque. She exclaimed, "I was expecting £1,000 so to get £30,000 is amazing. It's a tremendous amount and I'm not quite sure what to do with it all but a holiday somewhere hot would be fantastic and I might upgrade the car too. However, before all that I think a celebration is in order!"

A Great Help

Lucky player Sarah, who works in admin for a security company, says winning feels amazing - she only signed up to play four months ago. She said, "We've never had spare money like this. It's a dream come true. We've always lived month to month, so this will be a great help." The mother-of-two, who has recently become a grandmother, added, "I want to give my daughter and her partner a bit of money towards a deposit for a house. They've just had a baby girl and are living with us so that will make a difference. We'll also pay a small amount of money off the mortgage and I'll plan a special trip to France next year for my 50th birthday."

Tour Abroad

Retired paramedic Christopher was ecstatic to be a winner. He said, "You never think things like this will happen to you. We saw the adverts for People's Postcode Lottery and decided to go for it." The father-of-three does a lot of touring in his caravan. He added, "I'd like to get a more updated car to pull the caravan. We've travelled around the country from Norfolk to Cumbria, but we'd like to tour abroad - possibly around Europe."

Supporting Charities

Prize winner Vicky, who works in health and social care, loves that she's helping support charities close to her heart. She said, "My mum and her partner are blind and they both have guide dogs, so it's fantastic to know that just by playing I'm supporting The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, alongside other great causes."

A Dream Come True

Lesley also won big with her postcode. She plans to use the windfall to make a dream come true by going to visit family in Australia and New Zealand. 

Visiting Dewsbury to hand out golden envelopes were Street Prize Presenters Judie McCourt and Jeff Brazier. Judie said, "Neighbours winning together is what People's Postcode Lottery is all about, so it's incredible to see 13 people sharing this experience together. I'm sure there will be a few parties happening in Woodkirk Gardens over the coming weeks!"

Good Causes Internationally

A minimum of 32% of ticket sales goes directly to charities and good causes. People's Postcode Lottery players have raised more than £416 Million to date for deserving projects across Great Britain and internationally.

This draw was promoted on behalf of Postcode Heroes Trust, which funds organisations including the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust and the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust. 

Lots of local charities have also benefited from player support including Open County, which was awarded £9,150 last year to purchase specialist equipment that enables disabled people to go cycling.  

Do you have a subscription to People's Postcode Lottery? If you aren't playing yet, check out How It Works and the amazing Prizes that can be won. Why not sign up today? You never know, we could be knocking on your door!

Dewsbury wasn't the only area celebrating a big win this weekend. Five neighbours won Saturday's Street Prize and our April Postcode Millions landed, bringing a £3 Million prize pot to players in one lucky postcode sector.

Published: 28/04/2019

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