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Postcode Millions

Dream Win For Driffield

28 July 2023 - YO25 6XX - Driffield - £3.2 Million

A total of 933 people in Driffield are celebrating after their postcode sector, YO25 6, shared a £3.2 Million prize in July's Postcode Millions.

Ten residents landed the biggest cash sums after their postcode, YO25 6XX, was announced on Facebook (opens in a new tab) as the full winning postcode. Eight of the neighbours each pocketed a cheque for £123,076, while a ninth netted £246,152 and a tenth scored a whopping £369,228, thanks to playing with two and three tickets respectively.

Completely Mind-Blowing

Teary-eyed Tracy scored a stunning £123,076 win with People's Postcode Lottery, six months after cancelling her kids' dream holiday to pay for major flooding repairs.

Now the mum-of-two is celebrating being able to move back into her own house and jetting off to Florida for a Disney adventure.

Tracy, an urgent care nurse practitioner, said, "To win twenty grand would have been life-changing for us but to win that amount is just completely mind-blowing. It's bonkers!

"We had to vacate our house literally the day after my 40th birthday when the bathroom flooded."

She added, "The ceilings collapsed in my daughter's bedroom, my room and the bathroom which wrecked all of downstairs. We lost it all. And then the money I'd saved which should have been going towards Disneyland Florida for my birthday went on the house."

For the last seven months, the family have been living with Tracy's mum Angela, and with the repair work still ongoing, she admitted, "I just didn't think it was my year because everything was going horribly wrong, but this has just completely turned it all around.

"We'll be able to move back home sooner than we thought."

Tracy is also planning to upgrade her car and treat her children, Dominic and Lydia, to another holiday of a lifetime. Tracy said, "I'd love to take the kids to Lapland, it's always been on my bucket list, and I could even get a new car."

Dominic cheekily added, "A Lamborghini, mum!"

This massive windfall won't be the only music to Tracy's ears as she's promised to buy Dominic a new drum kit, and an electric guitar for Metallica-fan Lydia. Tracy said, "All you want as a mum is to give your kids a better life and this has changed our lives in an instant."

The ecstatic nurse had to put celebrations on hold until her 10-hour shift was over. She said, "I'm going to be skipping into work today, on cloud nine, and I've still not told anyone at work yet."

Ta Mum!

Across the road, Kieran bagged £123,076 all thanks to his caring mum. Mum-of-two Tracey set up a People's Postcode Lottery subscription in Kieran's name after he moved into his first house.

Kieran said, "I moved out of my mum and dad's back in October last year and my mum just dropped into conversation that she was going to sign me up for the Postcode Lottery.

"I'm going to split it with mum because it's all down to her. Ta mum."

Kieran, who works for a company that supplies mobility equipment, now wants to go to Rome to watch the Ryder Cup. He said, "I took up golf in lockdown and fell in love with it. I'd talked about how great it would be to watch the Ryder Cup, and now I can book up to go."

Tracey, who works at a local chippy, will start spending her half by purchasing an electric bike. She said, "Parking is terrible in town, so it would be a great way to get to work, and it's all uphill on the way home, so it would help me get up the hill."

The whopping win will make her 25th wedding anniversary and daughter's wedding even more special. Tracey said, "We'd already planned a holiday to Menorca in September for Steve and I's anniversary, so we'll need to save some celebrating until then.

"I might treat my daughter Toni - Kieran's twin sister - to a free bar at her wedding."

New Wheels

School kitchen assistant Claire is set to ditch her car, which earned her the nickname 'Claire Cleo', for a significant upgrade.

Claire, a hardworking single mum, received a cheque for £123,076 and said, "I can't wait to ditch my old Renault Clio with squeaky brakes for a swanky new Audi with shiny rims.

"Instead of calling me Claire Cleo, my friends can call me Claire Audi!"

The mum-of-three added, "This will be life-changing for me and the kids, it really takes the pressure off."

Winning Together

The St. Margarets Close postcode also saw Laura, Kevin, Rachell, Pauline, and Richard, each net cheques for £123,076.

Contract manager Michael doubled his win to £246,152. The dad-of-four was at work when we visited his street, but his partner Lee and daughter Ione received the amazing prize on his behalf.

The remaining 923 players in the sector received cheques ranging from £1,531 to £6,124, depending on the number of tickets they played with.

People's Postcode Lottery Presenter Jeff Brazier said, "It's been a wonderful day surprising many of our winners in the full winning postcode.

"And it's amazing that over 920 happy people in the postcode sector have each scooped a tidy four-figure win. Congratulations Driffield!"

Charities Everywhere

Today's prize is part of a draw promoted on behalf of Postcode Earth Trust (opens in a new tab), which provides regular grant funding to organisations that work to raise awareness and understanding of the natural, creative and built environment. Supported charities include National Trust, Friends of the Earth and Canal & River Trust.

Local good causes have also benefited from player support. The Hinge Centre was awarded £19,500 last year to support the most vulnerable, excluded and isolated children and adults facing extreme poverty.

With People's Postcode Lottery, 33% of the ticket price goes to charities and good causes. Our players have funded thousands of good causes across Britain and beyond. To date, players have raised more than £1.1 Billion for community projects and charitable organisations.

If you haven't signed up to play yet, it's quick and easy to join the fun. You never know when your postcode is going to get lucky! Find out How It Works or check out the amazing Prizes our players can win. Winning postcodes are announced every single day and we have thousands of happy winners every week.

Published: 28/07/2023

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