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Street Prize

Ecstatic In Papworth Everard

28 September 2019 - CB23 3UQ - Papworth Everard - £30,000

A lucky couple from Papworth Everard are celebrating after winning an incredible £30,000 each as part of our #30KADAY Street Prize extravaganza.

Our Byfield Road winners, Charlotte and Larry, scooped the cheques after their postcode, CB23 3UQ, was announced as the Saturday Street Prize winner.

Charlotte said, "It's great that we can now afford to splurge a bit. I recently had a couple of months of not working after giving up a job I loved after 15 years, so this is a nice treat for having a bit of faith.

"We both pay £10 a month on a ticket which is not a huge deal. Even though we've won, we're going to carry on playing as knowing we're helping charities by playing is a good thing all round. Who knows, we might even get lucky in the future and win big again one day!"

A Good Thing All Round

Larry said, "I still can't believe it's real. I'm looking forward to upgrading my car, but I don't really know what else I'm going to spend my prize on. It will be nice being able to spend money here and there and not having to think twice.

"It's also a great relief having our own tickets as that way there's no arguments about what to do with our money!"

Street Prize Presenter Jeff Brazier was in Papworth Everard to hand over their prizes. He said, "Meeting people and presenting big cheques like this always puts a smile on all of our faces. It was lovely to meet Larry and Charlotte and see how excited they were to win this week's Street Prize. Hearing they both played with their own tickets was extra special as they now each have £30,000 to spend how they like! I can't wait to hear how they choose to spend their prizes."

Charities Across The UK

Players aren't the only ones who benefit from People's Postcode Lottery. 32% of the ticket price goes to charities and good causes. Thanks to our players, over £474 Million has been raised for deserving projects around the world. Find out how player support makes a difference by checking out our charity news. Our generous players have supported more than 6,500 good causes to date.

Today's Street Prize is part of a draw promoted by Girlguiding, which has received more than £2.1 Million of player funding. Thanks to this support, the charity continues to work with more than 500,000 girls and young women to provide a space where they can be themselves, gain valuable life skills and make a positive difference to their local communities. 

Not playing yet? Do you know about all the amazing Prizes which our players can win? Learn about how People's Postcode Lottery works. With a little luck, your postcode could get picked. Sign up to play today to make sure you don't miss out on a life-changing cheque.

Published: 28/09/2019

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