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Street Prize

Bridgend, Hurlford And Ickenham Win Big

28 March 2015 - CF31 2PJ - Bridgend - £2 Million - KA1 5EA - Hurlford - £25,000 - UB10 8PF - Ickenham - £25,000

This weekend, players in Wales, Scotland and England are celebrating, with the March Postcode Millions landing in Bridgend, and Hurlford and Ickenham getting lucky with £25,000 Saturday Street Prizes wins.

First up, there were shrieks of delight from four lucky Bridgend ladies today. The fantastic four scooped £200,000 each when their postcode, CF31 2PJ, was revealed as the full winning postcode in the March Postcode Millions. The party saw 279 residents in winning postcode sector CF31 2 share a £2 Million prize pot. Prizes ranged from £1,137 up to a terrific £200,000.

There were tears of joy for Jayne Austin, 46, when her cheque was revealed. Jayne, who had originally won a £3,412 sector prize, said she was a little scared at the thought of tearing her first cheque up. However, she was absolutely ecstatic with her new one, worth £200,000.

Jayne, who was there with her partner Mark, exclaimed, "Oh my goodness, I think I'm going to have to marry Mark now!" Jayne got Mark to phone her Mum as soon as she had won. She thinks that more than just her family will know about her win now. "Mark phoned my mum straight away, so the whole of South Wales will know that I've won now! I've two children, Angharad and Rhys-John, and three grandsons, so I'm sure she's phoned them all by now. I just can't wait to see them all and celebrate tonight."

Jayne luckily doesn’t have to worry about going into work on Monday, as she's already booked two weeks off work. This will give her plenty of time to start looking for their new dream house. "We'll definitely be looking at buying a new house together, and we've been engaged for a while now but haven't been able to afford a wedding. Now we'll definitely be getting married and having a big party," said Jayne.

Next up to collect her cheque was Angela Heaven, 34. Angela signed up to play People's Postcode after one of her friends won in Port Talbot back in 2013. Angela couldn't believe it when she scooped her very own cheque for £200,000. Angela attended the celebration with her boyfriend of two years, Richard, a builder, who was just as stunned.

Angela, who has worked in car insurance for the past 13 years said, "This is so surreal; we both just can't believe it. We thought the most we had won was £500, so we'd been looking to buy some new garden furniture. I think we'll have to find something a little more exciting to spend the money on now."

Born and bred in Bridgend, Angela has no intention of leaving this lucky area now. "We'll definitely stay in Bridgend," said Angela. "We're going to find our very own 'forever home' and plan to start a family soon, so this couldn't have come at a better time."

Ayla Bridgman, 27, a first-year student of English, was at the cheque presentation on her own, as she had told her mum Sian that she should just go to the supermarket instead of coming along to the event. "This is just amazing. I'm going to help my mum by paying off the mortgage, and then I would love to go travelling to South America. This win makes all of this possible," said Ayla.

The final winner today was Alexis Frew, 50, a sales assistant at WHSmith. Alexis was celebrating her big win today with her husband Tony, 59. Alexis said, "I was absolutely shaking on stage when I saw my cheque; I can't wait to tell my two sons Alex and Tom that I've won."

Alexis and husband Tony, who has been a taxi driver in Bridgend for 30 years, recently paid for both their sons to attend university, so this has come at a perfect time for them. Tony, who has been to America six times, is keen to take his wife on her first ever trip to the USA. Now they have the money to make that trip a reality.

There was also a fifth lucky big winner today, but they have chosen to remain anonymous.

Sector winner Nicola Jones, 34, had already scooped £3,412 during the event in Bridgend before discovering she had also won a brand new BMW 1 Series. Nicola said, "It's amazing, I can't believe it. My partner encouraged me to sign up and I'm so glad I did."

This is the fifth time that the Postcode Millions has landed in Wales in two years, meaning that £10 Million in Postcode Million prizes has now been awarded to players in Wales. Just last month, players from Swansea scooped the £2 Million prizepot, meaning that in first few months of 2015, over £4 Million has been awarded to Welsh winners. The other lucky areas were Newport and the town of Port Talbot, which scooped the Postcode Millions prize pot two years in a row.

People's Postcode Lottery ambassador Judie McCourt was the lucky lady handing out the cheques to the Bridgend players. Judie said, "It was only last month that we were in Swansea giving away £2 Million, so it's absolutely great to be back in Wales handing out even more cheques to players from Bridgend! It's been a fantastic day here today, and I've loved seeing all the reactions of the winners on stage. Congratulations to everyone!"

It's not just players who win by playing People's Postcode Lottery. Over £63.6 Million has been raised by players for charities and good causes. The winners' celebration saw a number of supported charities in attendance, including National Museum Wales, Riding for the Disabled Association and National Trust.

Our second set of big winners this weekend are from Hurlford in East Ayrshire, where five players have won a £25,000 Saturday Street Prize for every ticket they play. With a combined ten tickets between them, they've won atotal of £250,000!

The five Hurlford players are over the moon after their postcode, KA1 5EA, was drawn as a winner. They were all delighted to be surprised by Street Prize presenter Judie McCourt and the team from People's Postcode Lottery.

Iain Caldwell, who plays with three tickets, was the biggest winner. Iain was stunned when he pulled out a cheque for £75,000. "Wow," he said when he saw the winning amount. "Is this real?"

Classroom assistant Iain, 55, was joined by his 20-year-old daughter Paula. "I signed up to play to help support local charities," he said. "It's amazing to see how much I've won and it's fantastic to have won with my neighbours."

Iain, who has been playing since 2007, has a few ideas on how to spend his money. "My daughter Paula gets married next year, so I'll be able to help out with the wedding," he said. "I'd also love to go on holiday. I want to point to a map and see where it sends me."

Amanda Walker, 27, was thrilled to receive a £50,000 cheque. "I never win anything," she exclaimed. Amanda, who plays with two tickets, was presented with her cheque just before she headed off to her job as a cleaner. "I can't wait to tell my colleagues," she said. "Now I've won this money, my main priorities are driving lessons and spoiling my little girl, Alicia."

Another big winner, Linda Sawyers, 50, was amazed when she was presented with a £50,000 cheque. "I'm lost for words," she said. "This never happens." Linda was joined by her husband Jim, who was equally delighted with the win. "Jim's after a new car, so this is good timing," she said.

As well as a new car, Linda, who plays with two tickets, has holidays in mind. "I'd really like to buy a static caravan with my winnings," she said. "We really enjoy holidays in the UK, so it would be a good investment." Linda and Jim have five children and eight grandchildren between them, so they have plenty of people to treat.

Neighbour Christine Harkness, 53, couldn't stop laughing when she realised she had won £50,000. "You beauty!" she exclaimed. "This has made my day."

Christine, who also plays with two tickets, has her sights set on the Big Apple. "I've always wanted to go to New York," she said. "I'll maybe go on a girlie trip with my daughter, Nikki, and then another with my husband, Colin." Christine, who is retired due to ill health, was joined by her 24-year-old daughter Nikki and neighbour Moira. "Moira will be signing up now," she laughed.

Naomi Campbell, 36, was shocked when she was presented with her £25,000 cheque. Naomi, who plays with one ticket, has recently moved house. However, luckily, she kept playing with her old postcode. "This is amazing," she said. "I want to frame the cheque._"_Student and beautician Naomi has big plans for her winnings. "I'm recently married, but we couldn't afford a honeymoon so I would love to book something now. I quite fancy Mexico."

As well as a well-deserved honeymoon, Naomi would like to redecorate. "We've been planning on doing up the house, but it was put on hold for the wedding," she said. "I'd love to hire professionals to do everything. My husband and I have four children between us, and I work full time and am studying podiatry, so it's full on. This money will make things easier."

People's Postcode Lottery Street Prize presenter Judie McCourt said, "It was so exciting to be in Hurlford today to meet our five winners. The best part about winning with People's Postcode Lottery is that you can win with your neighbours. This lot were so happy for each other. It was a really nice community. I hope they all have fun with their winnings."

Our final big winners today are two players from Ickenham in Uxbridge. They were delighted when their postcode, UB10 8PF, was drawnin a second Saturday Street Prize. Maria Stone, 60, was shocked to receive a cheque for £50,000. "I'm overwhelmed," she said. "It's brilliant news."

The win came as a big surprise to Maria, as she only signed up in January. "I can't believe I've won so quickly," she said. "I'm so glad I decided to give it a go and that I signed up with two tickets."

Maria was at home when former X-Factor star and People's Postcode Lottery Street Prize presenter Danyl Johnson arrived to deliver her whopping cheque. "I work at Pinewood Studios, but I'm off sick at the moment," she said. "I'm really glad of some good news this week as I've just been diagnosed with a rare disease called Myasthenia Gravis, which is an autoimmunecondition."

Maria, who has two children and three grandchildren with husband Lionel, has some plans on how to spend her winnings_. "I can't really travel at the moment with my illness, but eventually I'd love to be able to visit my sister in the Canary Islands,"_ she said. "We also need a new sofa, carpet and some bills need to be paid."

Danyl Johnston said, "Maria was so stunned with her win, I had to give her a hug. She needed some good news this week, and I hope she is able to do all the things she wants to with her winnings."

There was a second big winner in the lucky Ickenham postcode today, but they were not available to meet the team and personally pick up their cheque. Their prize money will be transferred direct into their bank account.

Published: 28/03/2015

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