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£1 Million Prize

March Millionaire Street

29 June 2024 - PE15 9LU - March - £1 Million
Today's Millionaire Street prizes have landed in March!

AN inspiring young man who has overcome huge hurdles after being born with cerebral palsy bagged a £200,000 People's Postcode Lottery prize, then declared, "I'm excited for the new chapter in my life."

Kenny works full-time in local government administration and is weeks away from graduating with a business degree - despite his mum being told he'd never walk or talk when he was born.

Now he is making plans to move home, buy a new car and go on a Greek islands cruise adventure after bagging his windfall.

PRIZE GUY: Kenny's win left him over the moon

Kenny, of March, Cambridgeshire, and mum Lynette started sobbing when Presenter Matt Johnson revealed his whopping cheque.

He said, "It's overwhelming, but I'm excited for the new chapter in my life.

"It feels good to win even £10, but I've been on tenterhooks with this. This is life-changing. It's going to make a lot of difference. It's hard to put into words, but I wasn't expecting £200,000.

"I'm amazed and astounded that this has happened to me because normally it doesn't. I'm so over the moon."

Kenny shared the £1 Million pot with four other neighbours in March after PE15 9LU landed our weekly Millionaire Street prize today. Every ticket was worth £200,000.

Kenny was born 10 weeks early with a brain bleed which left him with his lifelong condition. But mum Lynette, who also has five other sons and five daughters, told how he has battled to build his life - despite being bullied all through school.

The full-time carer said, "The doctors told me he would never walk or talk or do anything. He has struggled and struggled and struggled. He's been bullied through school and everything.

THAT'S MY BOY: Proud mum Lynette hugs winning son Kenny

"I'm so happy for him. He's been through so much, but he's gotten through everything that has been thrown at him.

"I'm so happy for him. He can get a house and have a bit of money for himself. I'm really proud of him."

Kenny has been hoping to quit his rented end-terrace bungalow and is now dreaming of a two-bedroom home in the area.

But first on his wish list is a new car - probably a Vauxhall Mokka or Crossland - and a holiday.

He said, "I'll be able to do what I want to do. Go on holiday, maybe a Greek islands cruise, and get a new car. I'll probably even treat the family to a holiday.

"But it's about not wasting money and being sensible with it."

Kenny said that he may throw a party later in the year for friends and family, which also includes seven nieces and nephews, to mark a triple celebration.

LET'S CELEBRATE: Kenny's planning a family party, cheered on by Matt Johnson

He said, "I've been studying for a business degree through the Open University for the past six years. I graduate this year, at the end of October, and I'd like to go into the management side of local government.

"I might have a party later in the year. I'm 30 in September and graduate after that so I might wait and celebrate three things: my win, graduating and my birthday."

Family friend Liz, who turned up to watch the presentation, said, "If anyone in this world deserves this, it is Kenny."

Along the road, Sally told how she ignored her husband's call to cancel her subscription two months ago - and won £200,000.

Relieved hubby Jonny whirled around, threw his hands in the air then started rubbing his face after seeing his wife's cheque.

STUNNED: Sally and hubby Jonny in shock after Matt reveals win

The traffic management operator said, "I said to her that she should cancel it two months ago, but she never listens to me. Now I'm glad she ignored me. I would have been crying today."

Mum-of-two Sally added, "I wasn't going to do what he said anyway."

Now the hospital operating department practitioner is planning a dream family trip to Walt Disney World with their daughter and son, and said it could accelerate plans for a new home.

Sally exclaimed, "Oh my God! I didn't think it would be that much. You have no idea how much this means to me. I had some bubbly in the fridge just in case.

"We would like to stay in March. All my family are here. We would also like to take the kids to Florida. That would be a once-in-a-lifetime trip. We're already booked to go to Benidorm this year, so maybe next year."

GLEE FOR TWO: Sally and hubby Jonny's joy at win

But there will be another treat for one more member of the family - their Ragdoll cat, Loki.

Sally laughed, "I promised the cat I would buy him a new cat tree."

Jonny added, "I'm speechless. Sally was like, 'It is going to be a grand'. She works so hard at the hospital. She deserves this. You always dream that something like this might happen, but you never think that it will."

On the opposite side of the street, Tracy and car valet firm owner husband Paul hugged each other as they screamed with joy with other family members who watched as her £200,000 cheque was revealed.

Now the mum-of-two is planning a big family bash, a luxury beach holiday and helping her two grown-up sons.

The house building firm sales executive said, "I don't believe it. I didn't think I would ever win anything. I've never ever seen this kind of money. I'm extremely happy. It means a whole different perspective on my life.

"I feel very wobbly. I previously felt nauseous, but now I'm just wobbly.

SHOCK & AWESOME: Tracy and hubby Paul can't believe win

"I work full time and Paul works hard. He'll never pack up work. But he can at least calm down a bit. I'm full-time at the moment, but I've got to speak to the best boss in the world to see if I can go part-time.

"I looked in the mirror as I closed the showhome up and said a little prayer that whatever it was would be more than I've got.

"We're going to have a bloody good time with it."

The family fired up the barbecue and had Guinness and champagne chilling for a celebration later as they pondered their win.

Grandmother-of-one Tracy said, "Family is the most important thing to me. We'll do something with the family. We've never been in this position - nowhere near. We'll have a party of some kind, probably a huge barbecue.

"I want to go somewhere that has beautiful beaches, probably the Maldives. We got married in Mexico, and that was amazing, so that might also be a possibility.

"Up to now the best thing I've ever won was 'Sales Executive of the Year' and that overwhelmed me.

"But this is the ultimate: holidays, parties and helping the kids."

WALL I NEVER!: Neighbours celebrate with Matt

Tracy and her winning neighbours know that by playing Postcode Lottery, they're also supporting local, national and international charities.

Local Charities Benefit

Their win means that local charities have also benefited from the Millionaire Street prize.

CP Learning Trust has been awarded £40,000 in funding by Postcode Community Trust.

The charity, which is celebrating its 21st year serving the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough region, aims to provide innovative, life-wide learning opportunities to give people a second chance at education and has supported over 42,000 people to date.

Sara Basuc, CEO of CP Learning Trust said, "For a small charity like ours, it is incredible to be receiving £40,000 in funding. It will certainly give us a huge boost in our ability to deliver vital support to our community."

"The charity launched the Fenland Orchards Project four years ago, creating an inclusive space for learning heritage skills, which aims to get vulnerable adults and the wider community back into the great outdoors in a social green space.

CP Learning Trust are thrilled with their award

"The Fenland Orchards Project has proved invaluable in providing a safe space for learning and the funding we've received, thanks to players of People's Postcode Lottery, is going to directly fund community engagement activities and workshops to support the most vulnerable members of our society."

Offering a variety of learning opportunities, the charity's mission is to provide education to communities who have benefited least from learning to increase confidence and reduce isolation and loneliness.

Sara also added, "It is our passion to see how education can inspire, liberate and enrich people's lives."

Other local charities who have benefited from this week's Millionaire Street prize include:

  • Ormiston Families - £60,000 Working with children, young people and their families in the East of England to help them live safer, healthier lives. Their range of services includes support for families affected by the imprisonment or offending behaviour of a relative.

  • Fenland Area Community Enterprise Trust (FACET) - £60,000 Providing training and day care for adults with any form of disability within the Fenland area. This helps their students to live independently, acquire new work-based skills and prepare for and move into work.

  • March & District Museum - £10,000 Visitors are offered insight into the local community's history through interesting displays and collections. Interactive elements and audio points also help to guide people through the history of the town.

All funding was awarded by Postcode Community Trust.

Thousands Of Good Causes

Today's prize is part of a draw promoted on behalf of Postcode International Trust. Supported by our players, this trust delivers grant funding to organisations that work to alleviate poverty, hunger and enable food security. Benefiting charities include Action Against Hunger, ActionAid and British Red Cross.

With 33% of the ticket price going to charities and good causes, players of People's Postcode Lottery have now raised more than £1.3 Billion for thousands of projects and groups. Our players are changing lives for the better.

Fantastic Prizes are announced every single day, and it couldn't be easier to take part. If you're not playing yet then check out How It Works, and if you're feeling lucky, sign up to play.

Published: 29/06/2024

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