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Street Prize

A Triple Scoop In Grangemouth

29 August 2015 - FK3 9AY - Grangemouth - £2 Million - ME11 5LX - Queenborough - £25,000 - TF2 7NR - Donnington - £25,000
August's Postcode Millions has landed, and Grangemouth players are this month's lucky £2 Million winners

Huge cash prizes are landing all around this weekend! Players in Grangemouth are celebrating a £2 Million win in the August Postcode Millions. In Queenborough, an incredible four players each won £25,000, and in Donnington, two more players won, including a lucky £75,000 winner.

There was dancing in the streets of Grangemouth on Sunday, when seven lucky People's Postcode Lottery players discovered they had each won £111,111 with postcode FK3 9AY. Another Grangemouth player, who plays with two tickets, scooped a whopping £222,222.

A total of 192 winners living in postcode sector FK3 9 shared the prize pot of £2 Million, with prizes ranging from £613 to £222,222.

Helen Tonner (known as Eileen) plays with two tickets and walked away with the biggest prize of £222,222. "It's not quite real," she said when People's Postcode Lottery ambassador Judie McCourt showed up on her doorstep with Eilieen's massive cheque.

Eileen was joined by her husband Michael, her son Paul and her granddaughter Amy, and she was delighted that she was not the only winner on the street. "Everyone who lives here is so lovely – we'll be having a postcode street party tonight!"

Eileen's neighbour, Lorraine Hamilton, was equally shocked with her win. There were screams and tears when she pulled her cheque for £111,111 out of the golden envelope. "I want a designer handbag," she said. "The best in the shop."

Lorraine has a team of supporters to help celebrate her win, including her mum, Alice, who was a sector winner, scooping £4,908. "My mum and I signed up at the same time, as neither of us wanted to miss out if the other one won," she laughed. "This is the first time I've been lucky with a prize, but I've been very lucky in life. I have great friends and family and want to treat them all."

Lyn Neary has a lot to celebrate this week. As well as winning £111,111, she is about to become a grandmother for the third time and is also celebrating her son-in-law's promotion. "I just can't believe it," she said.

Lyn, who recently retired from her job as a clerical assistant, was joined by her husband Andrew, her son Graeme and her daughter Jennifer. "This is life changing," she said. "I've got such a lot to celebrate now. My son-in-law is a pilot and is just about to start a job at Edinburgh Airport, so he'll be much closer to us, and he's about to become a father! We'll be cracking open the champagne tonight."

Next door neighbours and best friends Roger Fairlie and Julia Marshall were equally thrilled to be presented with cheques of £111,111 each. "It's really overwhelming," said Roger. "It's hard to describe the feeling. I just need to figure out what to do with it."

Roger and his wife Anne have been best friends with their neighbour Julia for over 50 years, and they were all delighted to win together. Julia said, "This is amazing – we have over £200,000 between us."

"We have been going on holiday together for years, so we'll have to think of somewhere pretty special this year," she said.

Jill Moyes was blown away when she realised how much she had won. Jill, who works as a civil servant in Falkirk, said, "I can't wait until it kicks in that I've won. I'm in shock."

A mother of one, Jill is planning on treating her daughter with her win. "My daughter Ellie has been teaching in Uganda and really deserves a treat," she said. "I'd like to take her to New York for a girls' trip, as she has always wanted to go."

Mother-of-two Karen, who works with her fellow winner Jill at the Department of Work and Pensions, would love to get some home and garden improvements with her win. "Jill and I have been frantic all week wondering what we've won," she said. "It's been seven years since I've had a holiday, so I'd love to book somewhere so we can just relax on a sun lounger."

Grangemouth's final winner, Lynsay Mulhall, was extra lucky, as she only signed up to play two months ago. "It's my husband Alan and I's anniversary tomorrow," she said. "I would love to get a holiday booked, a new car and be debt free."

People's Postcode Lottery ambassador Judie McCourt was the lucky lady handing out the cheques to the delighted winners from Grangemouth. "It was such an amazing atmosphere today in Grangemouth. All the winners knew each other, and the whole street celebrated together. I hope all of the lucky winners enjoy spending their money."

Four lucky ladies are also delighted this weekend after their postcode, ME11 5LX, won them £25,000 each in the first Saturday Street Prize of the weekend.

Marian Strelley, 38, a stay at home mum from Queenborough, was extremely excited when X-Factor star and People's Postcode Lottery presenter Danyl Johnson handed her a cheque for £25,000.

Marian, who was at home with her two children when Danyl and the team arrived, was stunned when she saw how much she'd won. "My two children are both on holiday from school at the minute, so I made sure that they were inside with the dogs when the People's Postcode Lottery team arrived. I didn't want them getting over excited and letting our puppy out!" said Marian. "They couldn't believe it when they saw the cheque."

Jennifer May, 55, was equally surprised to be told she had won £25,000. "I'm walking on air," she said. Jennifer, who is a care assistant, was just back from the Isle of Man, where she takes under-privileged children for a break each year. "I would love to do up my garden now," she said. "I also quite fancy a hot tub."

Nicole Peters, 25, who has worked for the Halifax banking group for the last seven years, was home alone when the Street Prize team called round. "My whole family is on holiday in Poland at the moment, and I couldn't get the time off work to join them. I had to go out and find people to tell them that I had won," said Nicole, who also won an amazing £25,000. "I rushed to my Nan's house to tell her, and she is absolutely over the moon!"

Nicole currently lives at home with her parents, brother and sister, but thanks to her win, she's now able to put a deposit down for her first home. "I would never have been able to save this much of a deposit, but by playing and winning People's Postcode Lottery, my dream of owning my own home will now become a reality," said Nicole.

Our final Queenborough winner, Colette Prescott, 59, couldn't believe her large cheque. "I'm so shocked," she said. Colette, who has been playing since May this year, was extra happy with her win, as the money will go to good use.

"I need to give up work to become a full-time carer for my husband Chris, so this couldn't have come at a better time," she said. "Chris was recently diagnosed with dementia, so I will need to give up my job as an administrator, something I wouldn't have been able to afford to do if I hadn't won."

Two players from Donnington are also plenty pleased, as their postcode, TF2 7NR, was this weekend's second Saturday Street Prize winner.

Jacqueline Earl, 68, was at home with her husband John when she got a knock on the door from Street Prize presenter and rugby legend Scott Quinnell.

"I opened the door myself and pulled out the cheque. I'd asked John to wait in the living room, so I could tell him myself – he was as stunned as I was!" she said.

Jacqueline, who plays with three tickets, had no idea how much she'd won and was hopeful for a cheque for £1,000. She was then absolutely gobsmacked when a cheque worth 75 times that much was presented to her. "£75,000 is an amazing amount of money to have won. I'm not 100% sure what we'll spend it on, but I am keen to book a trip to the Caribbean!"

Jacqueline has a large family – five children and eight grandchildren – who she was very excited to telephone and let know.

"You never think you're going to win something like this, so when you do, it is just absolutely amazing," said Jacqueline. "I'll definitely continue to play."

Jacqueline's neighbour, Alhassan Sauti, 39, has only been playing People's Postcode Lottery since June this year, so he was stunned to find the team on his doorstep presenting him with a cheque for £25,000.

"It's still not sunk in yet," said Alhassan. "I really don't know what I'll spend the money on, but I'm sure my two children would like it if I took them away on holiday."

Alhassan, who plays with one ticket, signed up to play because of People's Postcode Lottery's work with charities across Great Britain. "I really liked the charitable focus of People's Postcode Lottery and that by playing, I'm supporting charities near me," said Alhassan.

Players have raised over £79.2 Million for charities across Great Britain and internationally. One project near Alhassan and Jacqueline that is supported by players is Madeley Community Orchard at Bartlett Gardens, which was awarded £2,000 for their community orchard pond. The project offers regular events and workshops for school groups, as well as providing green space, garden plots and volunteering opportunities for locals.

Published: 28/08/2015

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