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How To Donate Your Hair To Charity

How To Donate Your Hair To Charity

Losing your hair can be an extremely stressful experience, no matter whether you're male or female, young or old. Cancer treatments and conditions such as alopecia can lead to hair loss and cause real emotional difficulties.


Whether it's time for a good trim or you’ve been thinking of switching your long hair for a short style for a while, getting in touch with a hair donation charity is a great idea. Once turned into a wig, your donated hair could give someone who has lost their hair a huge confidence boost.


As your hair will be turned into a wig by the hair donation charity you choose, your locks do need to meet certain criteria. This includes:


Most hair donation charities in the UK look for hair that’s at least seven inches long. Some ask for ten inches or more, but don’t worry if your hair is shorter than this. You could still donate hair to charity, as it can be sold to generate funds. However, the biggest demand from major charities is often for long wigs, so the longer the hair you can donate, the better.


Charities that make wigs for children can’t use grey hair, but again, silvery locks can still be sold for fundraising efforts. The main colour of your hair isn't an issue, and even dyed hair can be used. However, this may not be the case if your hair has been bleached or is an unnatural colour like green or blue, so it's worth checking this out before you book in for a haircut.

Condition Of Hair

If you're visiting a hairdresser, tell them right away that you're planning to donate your hair. Usually, hairdressers will dampen or wet your hair prior to cutting it, but donated hair must be dry when it's cut. Your hair should be washed but not conditioned, dried, separated into ponytails that are secured at each end, and free from any styling products.


Have A Sponsored Haircut

Drastic haircuts can be a great way to raise money through sponsorship, whether you're swapping an extremely long style for a very short one or going all out and shaving your head. If your hair doesn't meet the necessary criteria for donating, you could still play your part by collecting sponsorship money for the charity you're helping.

Donate Your Time

If you just can't face the chop, you could donate your time rather than your hair and volunteer with a hair donation charity. There may be plenty of ways to get involved, whether you're sorting hair that's been sent to the charity, helping out with other admin tasks, or running social media accounts.


There are a number of UK hair donation charities you can get in touch with, including the Little Princess Trust, which uses donations to help children who've lost their hair through things like cancer treatment. All you have to do to donate your hair to this charity is post it in a resealable bag inside a heavyweight paper envelope, along with a completed donation slip.


If you'd like to know more about getting involved in volunteering in your community, take a look at our Local Causes page and find opportunities near you.

Last updated: 25/03/2021

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