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How To Get Involved With Guinea Pig Rescue

How To Get Involved With Guinea Pig Rescue

Guinea pigs are hugely popular pets thanks to their personality, adorable looks and calm nature. They can be great for children to look after, and love to be in pairs or small groups. However, like other pets, there will be occasions where they need to be rehomed. Guinea pig rescue charities exist to help these guinea pigs. 

Why Volunteer With A Guinea Pig Rescue Charity?

There can be any number of reasons why a guinea pig needs to be rehomed. Changing circumstances can cause a family to be unable to look after them any longer. They might be abandoned, escape and become lost, or their owner could pass away.  

This means there are lots of guinea pigs across the UK searching for a new home, and the charities that help them rely heavily on volunteers. You can make a real difference by giving your time. Volunteering is a hugely fulfilling thing to do, particularly if you're an animal lover.  

How To Help Guinea Pig Rescue Charities


You may be surprised just how valuable your time can be to animal charities. It's a big job to run a rehoming centre. Staff need to look after the animals, fetch them from the vets and take them to other centres, while also meeting and greeting customers. Whether you're helping out with admin tasks, DIY, gardening or driving, you can enjoy a varied role that does plenty of good.  


If you volunteer at a centre that aims to rehome guinea pigs, it'll be even easier for you to foster one. Guinea pigs are happiest with company though, so it's a good idea to have at least two together to make sure they don't get lonely. Often, temporary homes are needed while animals recover from an operation, for example, or until they're old enough to be rehomed. Or, you could look after a pregnant female or new mum with her litter. You might prefer to adopt a guinea pig for the long term, but do be sure you can look after them for several years to come if a permanent arrangement is agreed.  


Charity shops play a key role in raising funds for organisations that rescue guinea pigs. If you have things around the house that you no longer need or could do without, donating them to a shop is a great idea - especially if you were just going to throw them away anyway. Even better, you could donate your time to a charity shop, which may only require a commitment of a couple of hours a week. Lots of people enjoy the sociable nature of volunteering in this way, while also providing valuable help to customers and the charity as a whole.  


Lots of businesses regularly get involved with charity efforts. If the company you work for or own is looking for a good cause, you could organise a corporate volunteer day. These can be a lot of fun, as well as providing support exactly where it's needed.  

Things To Know Before You Volunteer

  • A little can mean a lot. Even if you don't have a lot of time to spare each week, just a few hours can make a big difference. This is particularly true when it comes to small charities, although some roles may require a slightly bigger commitment.  
  • Most charities have a minimum age requirement of 16. However, it may still be possible for younger people to volunteer in some way, as long as they have consent from a parent or guardian.  

Where To Get Started

There are lots of great charities that help to rescue guinea pigs. Postcode Animal Trust is proud to support a wide range of deserving animal charities. Entirely funded by People's Postcode Lottery players, you can contribute by signing up to play.

Last updated: 05/03/2021

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