How To Help A Student's Charity

With 2.34 million students attending higher education institutions across the UK, there are lots of people studying to achieve further qualifications. This is often a stressful and demanding time, both emotionally and financially. Thankfully there are student charities on hand to offer help and support.

Why Volunteer With A Student's Charity?

If you've been a student, then you'll know that there are plenty of difficulties you can face. These can easily interfere with studies, making goals harder to achieve, which in turn can lead to further stress. Or perhaps you didn't go through higher education and would've appreciated support in order to do so.

Either way, there are plenty of education charities that could use your help, and that would be hugely grateful if you volunteer your time. This is a great way to make a difference without committing a financial contribution, and can often open up a whole new path to getting involved in charitable efforts.

How To Help Student's Charities


The National Union of Students, known as NUS, is the UK's leading higher education union, and runs a charitable services arm aimed at improving the support individual students' unions are able to offer. Our players have raised money for them through People's Postcode Trust. You could volunteer in their office providing administrative support, for instance, or lend your time to a specific union - there are more than 600 found across the UK.


Our Postcode Community Trust has helped charities like Student Minds, the UK's leading student mental health charity. It aims to improve the state of student mental health to allow more people in higher education to thrive and succeed. You could join a campaign group to help change opinions on mental health and engage with individuals, or even set up your own group.


Organisations like Student Minds also offer support groups, which often rely on other students to support those who may need some help. You could receive training to allow you to become a group facilitator, as you encourage safe and supportive conversations aimed at dealing with student mental health issues.


If you've experienced some of the pressures of going through higher education, whether emotional or financial, you may be in a great place to offer some advice to those currently in the same position. By writing a blog for a charity, you could provide lots of people with useful information - and make a big difference to their lives in the process.

Things To Know Before You Volunteer

If you apply for a volunteering role such as running a support group, you'll need to go through specific training to prepare you for the position. Because of this, you'll probably have to make a minimum time commitment, although this may not necessarily take much out of your weekly or monthly schedule.

Where To Get Started

People's Postcode Lottery players have so far raised over £450 Million for good causes, including student's charities such as NUS and Student Minds. As well as your volunteering efforts, you can support great organisations like these by signing up to play People's Postcode Lottery.