How To Help An African Children's Charity

With hundreds of millions of children, Africa is the world's youngest continent. Although mortality rates among children are improving, many children in this part of the world don't get the happy and healthy start to life that they deserve.

Why Volunteer With An African's Children Charity?

The most common illnesses amongst children under-five are pneumonia, malaria and diarrhoea, while countless other children are deprived of the resources they need to improve their lives - not only for themselves, but for future generations.

By volunteering for an African children's charity, you can make a difference in a huge variety of ways. Whether you're involved in campaigning or fundraising efforts, donating your time can be hugely rewarding. It's a great way to help if you don't have money to spare for a cash donation, while you'll probably find that you really enjoy your experience too.

How To Help African Children's Charities


Access to age-appropriate books can make a huge difference in children's lives. Charities such as Book Aid International help to provide books and resources for young people to study and learn new skills. Donating books is a great way to help, or you could go a step further and volunteer in a warehouse packing books to send to Africa.


Charities like Unicef UK do so much amazing work on behalf of children around the world, including Africa. Campaigns can include things like reuniting child refugees with their families or providing safe drinking water. You can get involved by signing petitions, writing to your local MP, and raising awareness both out on the streets and through social media networks.


From fundraising events to sponsored challenges and dress down days, there are lots of ways you can help out at work. You could start a partnership with a charity such as AfriKids if you have your own company, or get your boss on board if you work for someone else.


In 2002, Mary's Meals began feeding around 200 orphans in a primary school in Malawi. Now, over 80,000 volunteer cooks support the charity in this country alone, while 1.4 million children receive daily meals in 18 countries including Liberia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. You can help these efforts to both feed and attract children to school by volunteering with a charity as a cook.


Charity shops provide important revenue streams for charities like Save the Children, who've been helping vulnerable children across Africa with healthcare, food and shelter since 1959. From upcycling to creating window displays and serving customers, there are lots of different tasks involved with volunteering in a charity shop.

Things To Know Before You Volunteer

Not all charities offer volunteering opportunities abroad, but there'll still be something you can do to help from home if you find an organisation you really like.

Where To Get Started

If you're looking for somewhere to start on your volunteering journey, you could try one of these great charities helping children in Africa.


Book Aid International

Mary's Meals

Save the Children

Unicef UK

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