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Volunteering For Homeless Charities In Dundee

While the majority of us spend our nights in warm and loving homes, there are thousands of people across the UK who are not as fortunate. Homelessness is a growing problem, with charity Shelter reporting that over 300,000 people were affected in 2018.  

Why Volunteer For A Homeless Charity In Dundee?

Numbers of rough sleepers are much higher in larger cities, where rent can be unaffordable for many and living costs tend to be higher. Dundee in Scotland is one badly affected area, where it's thought that as many as four more people each day seek help for homelessness.  

Luckily, the UK is blessed with some amazing charitable organisations that are doing all they can to help tackle homelessness. They are in constant need of generous people, who will donate not only funds, but also give their time to run vital services like shelters, foodbanks and advice centres.  

Playing People's Postcode Lottery is a great way to give back, as 33% of all ticket sales goes towards some amazing charitable causes. If you're a Dundee local and would like to give back in a more personal way, why not volunteer with one of the charities that provide aid and resources to the city's homeless?  

Homeless Sanctuaries In Dundee That Need Your Help

Togs For Tots To Teens

Togs for Tots to Teens is a charity that does excellent work on a local level. Just like the Dundee Foodbank, it appeals for donations of clothing, equipment and food to redistribute to families in need in the Dundee, Fife and Angus areas.  

The charity aims to provide every child in the city with the items they require to truly thrive, whether that's warm clothing, toys that promote cognitive development or simply a comfortable bed.  

It also offers other services, available through a referral scheme, including free birthday cakes from a local bakery, complimentary carpet cleaning and family photography sessions. These are small things that make a world of difference to families who are struggling financially.  

While they don't directly help people off the streets, the vital equipment and services Togs for Tots to Teens provides take financial pressure off families who may otherwise end up homeless or in relative poverty. Volunteers are the charity's lifeline, and you could help by donating high quality items, sorting through donations or referring a family in need.  

Dundee Foodbank  

As the name suggests, this charity in Dundee collects food donations, which are then distributed to local people who are unable to afford to feed themselves and their families. It's part of the Trussell Trust Food Network that works across the UK to provide disadvantaged people with important provisions. 

In 2017, Dundee Foodbank gave out over 8,000 three-day emergency food packs to those living in poverty, from four centres around the city. It operates a voucher system and receives referrals from other organisations to ensure that the right people are getting the specific help they need. 

As well as donating items to redistribute, you could also volunteer to sort through contributions in one of the warehouses, or to greet people and hand out food parcels in one of the foodbanks. 

Action For Children

Action for Children is a national charity, first founded over 150 years ago by Methodist minister Thomas Bowman Stephenson after he witnessed children sleeping rough in London.  The world might have changed a lot since then, but sadly this is a problem that hasn't gone away. That's why this charity has helped more than 300,000 kids, parents and carers across the UK to achieve the futures they deserve.  

Action for Children has a presence in Dundee, and even runs a youth housing project that aims to ensure that no young person in the city is left without a home. Primarily assisting those aged 16 to 25, the organisation tries to prevent homelessness from happening in the first place, through a serious of interventional programmes. These vary from housing advice and counselling, to befriending programmes and employment skills training.    

You could show your support for Action for Children by getting involved with one of its youth homelessness programmes, or by assisting with a fundraising charity event in Dundee. Action For Children has so far received over £18,000 from players of People's Postcode Lottery. 

How Can You Show Your Support?

While signing up to play People's Postcode Lottery is one way to give to some fantastic Charities around the UK, you'll also find more opportunities in your area by using our Local Causes directory.

Last updated: 31/05/2021