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Britain In 100 Years, According To AI

Postcodes from the future: a view of Britain in 100 years, according to artificial intelligence
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What will Britain look like in 100 years, according to AI?
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Major city skylines such as London and Manchester are constantly evolving with new skyscrapers and innovative architecture, but how different will Great Britain look in 100 years?

We asked AI experts to reimagine what Britain's major cities will look like in the year 2123. Whilst AI creates an interesting insight into what the future may look like, we spoke to Managing Director and Senior Designer at CK Architectural (opens in new tab), Chris Lawson, to discuss how realistic the reimaginations are and how likely they are to come true.

Commenting on the range of AI images, Chris said, "AI does not consider the growing renewable energy, biodiversity, and housing volume requirements we're currently designing towards. In 100 years, there will be more green, higher buildings and new renewable energy generation required in all buildings.

"However, some of the reimaginations include an example of how modern architecture can work in contrast with traditional buildings and infrastructure. Other AI recreations remain a potential possibility to add more leisurely spaces to overcrowded cities that span multiple heights."

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Published: 19/09/2023

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