A national charity sparking personal and social change, The Reader brings people together and books to life.

For over a decade, the charity has helped to improve wellbeing, reduce social isolation and build stronger communities across the UK and beyond. They bring thousands of people from all walks of life together each week to connect, reflect, and discover great literature.

Great poems, stories and plays offer a powerful language with which we can explore our inner lives and reading them aloud together in an encouraging and collaborative group environment creates powerful social bonds for stronger, healthier individuals.

There are few situations where all kinds of people can work with others in a spirit of familiar cooperation, but that is what The Reader offers to anyone coming to one of the 500 weekly groups that it supports.

With support from players of People's Postcode Lottery through Postcode Care Trust, The Reader is reaching even more communities so that everyone, no matter who or where they are, can find a group in their local area.

As part of this year's annual National Poetry Day celebration, which takes place today, The Reader is inviting people everywhere to embrace the power of poetry through a special collection of poems, old and new, on this year's theme – Poetry for Change. Including poems from Thomas Hardy, Gillian Clarke and Leontia Flynn, The Reader's National Poetry Day pack features a mix of classic and contemporary works, all available as a free download.

Find out more by downloading The Reader's free National Poetry Day pack.

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The Reader is encouraging people everywhere to embrace poems, both old and new