Haircuts4Homeless is a community group in which skilled hairdressers give haircuts to homeless people free of charge.

Homeless people face many challenges every day. Often, one of these challenges is suffering from low self-esteem. A haircut is usually far down on a homeless person's list of priorities. However, it can have a great effect on someone and give them a real boost.

As well as a boost to confidence, haircuts give homeless people the opportunity to socialise with someone in a way that we may take for granted. A haircut, and the accompanying conversation, can be an enjoyable and therapeutic experience which homeless people can rarely access.

Haircuts4Homeless began in 2014, and now operates across 45 sites in the UK and Ireland.

A minimum of 20 homeless people are seen at each session. With the ability to visit homeless people, the charity can help approximately 300 homeless per year, per site. This equals around 13,500 free haircuts each year.

Thanks to funding from players of People's Postcode Lottery, this deserving project can help more service users and spread their work to even more areas across the UK.

To find out more about Haircuts4Homeless, check out the Haircuts4Homeless website.

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Haircuts4Homeless allows homeless people in the UK to have their hair cut for free