This morning, People's Postcode Trust's manager, Kate Pearson, made history in Alloa, when she carried the Olympic torch through the small town.

Kate was one of 8,000 people from across the UK chosen to carry the torch on its path through the country. Her route saw her run down Primrose Street in Alloa at 9.15am this morning. In possession of the torch for approximately 600m, Kate was overwhelmed to have been selected to run the leg.

This morning was fantastic, what a feeling,” said Kate. “I was a little nervous that I would drop the torch, but it all went very smoothly. And it was great to meet all of the other chosen runners.

Kate was nominated to be an Olympic torch carrier by WWF-UK whilst working for the charity earlier this year. It was her sterling efforts to raise money for WWF's 50th anniversary that saw her win the nomination and a place in the Olympic route.

Not shy of a challenge, Kate completed a 50km (31 miles) swim to raise the funds. That's a staggering 10 miles further than swimming the Channel. She swam continuously for over 20 hours at the Dunkeld Hilton Hotel, completing an unbelievable 2942 lengths and burning over 10,000 calories.

I am so grateful to WWF-UK and Coca-Cola, the sponsors, for allowing me to carry the Olympic Torch,” continued Kate. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I am so happy to have been able to raise money for such a great cause, even if it did involve 20 hours of pain!

After the torch's passing through Alloa, it headed to Edinburgh, where it arrives at approximately 6.30pm.

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