Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres are dedicated to empowering people to live with, through and beyond cancer. This fantastic organisation runs centres across Britain where cancer patients from all walks of life, and their friends and families, are welcomed. As well as offering practical advice, Maggie's Centres provide a secure environment where vulnerable patients can open up about their fears and anxieties.

Continued support from players of People's Postcode Lottery has been vital to the success of Maggie's in recent years. To date, our players have raised a staggering £3.1 Million for this amazing charity.

Funding like this helps Maggie's to run its wide range of programme activities, which give patients something positive to focus on as they recover. In support groups, their specialists offer a shoulder to lean on when it's needed most and visitors get to share experiences with each other. Patients can also take advantage of the nutrition workshops, benefits advice and relaxation classes available.

"It's wonderful to see the great work being achieved by Maggie's, all thanks to our players," said Clara Govier, Head of Charities at People's Postcode Lottery. "It's a sad fact that cancer will affect one in three people at some point in their lives. It's great that places like Maggie's exist to offer individuals and communities support as well as exceptional care and advice."

To celebrate the unique partnership with People's Postcode Lottery, Maggie's recently organised festive scrapbooking classes for patients. These theraputic courses were designed to help people make sense of their cancer experiences and to make scrapbook memories to help themselves and their families through tough times.

"It is fabulous that players of People's Postcode Lottery have given so much to Maggie's," said Mary Wells who runs scrapbooking sessions at Maggie's Glasgow. "I know it means people with cancer, as well as their friends and families, can continue to access the incredible support the centres and the expert staff offer - including scrapbooking," she continued.

Scrapbooking helped Mary deal with her own illness as a teenager. "I had a brain tumour when I was 12 and started scrapbooking when I realised I couldn't remember anything about a holiday I had been on," she said. "Many people who come to the scrapbooking classes at Gartnavel do so because they want to make something to leave behind for family. That's incredibly sad of course but it can be cathartic too and for some people it is more about charting their own journey and heading towards the future."

Through activities such as scrapbooking, Maggie's employees help those with any type of cancer, at any stage, experience a sense of community and make new friends. Funding from players of People's Postcode Lottery enables this unique programme of support to continue and grow.

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