Players of People's Postcode Lottery are helping to change the way life-threatening malnutrition is treated around the world, with a £300,000 award to Action Against Hunger.

Between one and two million children die every year from severe acute malnutrition. Children with the condition are nine times more likely to die compared to other children and are in need of urgent treatment. Action Against Hunger is working on a ground-breaking project in Mali to transform the way the disease is diagnosed and treated.

Some 70% of children who receive treatment are cured, but only 20% of children who need the treatment are able to get it. The biggest barrier is distance to clinics. In Mali, caregivers had to walk up to 40km weekly to their closest community health centre to receive treatment.

Now, thanks to this innovative project, community health workers are being trained up to treat severe acute malnutrition in local villages – so the health workers come to the families instead of the families walking to them. This has more than doubled the number of children being treated in a cost-effective way.

The new way of working has been taken up by the Mali health system and is now being trialled around the world.

Jean-Michel Grand, Executive Director of Action Against Hunger UK, said, "We're so grateful to the players of People's Postcode Lottery for this opportunity to change the way life-threatening malnutrition is identified and treated not just in Mali, but globally, taking us one step closer to our goal of creating a world where no child dies from hunger."

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The £300,000 award will help Action Against Hunger save children from malnutrition