National Museum Wales (Amgueddfa Cymru) is a family of seven national museums which exist to spread awareness of Welsh art and culture. Since its development, National Museum Wales has gone from strength to strength, delivering a wide array of exhibitions and workshops for people of all ages.

From sculpture and landscape to photography and artwork, there is something to suit everyone's tastes at the seven National Museum Wales's sites. The summer is a particularly exciting time with a host of new collections being displayed for the first time.

This year, our players supported National Museum Wales with an amazing £100,000 to further support its learning and outreach programme. This will provide children and young people at the risk of exclusion from formal education with the opportunity to learn new skills and become more confident. Experts at National Museum Wales place a large focus on innovative learning methods that capture the attention of a wide diversity of participants.

National Museum Wales's amazing work is supported by the fantastic contribution of local volunteers. Volunteers' Week, which runs from 1st to 7th June, is an opportunity for National Museum Cardiff to showcase its volunteers' talents and thank them for their help throughout the year.

Members of the public are invited to explore the wonders of the Natural Science Collection and speak with the volunteers who bring this to life. A series of art tours are also being offered by volunteers at the museum, one which looks at the role of modern art collectors and another which reviews the representation of landscape in the museum's world-class art collection.

Pottery volunteers at the museum will be on hand during Volunteers' Week to educate the public about the Llantwit Major Pottery Collection and provide information on how they research and record these pieces. Visitors can also take advantage of volunteers' expertise and learn about what is involved in archiving the Archaeology Photography Collection.

Events like these are extremely beneficial to National Museum Wales as they help to expand its volunteer base and give visitors the opportunity to gain a greater insight into Welsh art and history. To find out more about the various events taking place or how to become a volunteer visit the National Museum Wales's website.

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