WakaWaka, a Dutch organisation which develops and produces solar LED lights, is providing 7,000 Liberian health workers with bright lights. Due to a lack of electricity, medical staff are limited in identifying and treating patients when it's dark. An amazing £50,000 has been awarded by players of People's Postcode Lottery to fund 4,000 of these WakaWaka lights, which will be sent to Liberia to provide a safe source of light to help with treatments during the night.

WakaWaka received the request for 7,000 solar-powered lights from CARD, a Liberian aid organisation that puts together Ebola prevention kits. The lights will be an essential part of these kits. In addition to a WakaWaka light, the kit contains protective equipment, disinfectant, and information brochures. The prevention kits will be distributed among medical staff throughout the country.

The aid organisation notes that WakaWaka lights are especially needed in rural health clinics. A representative said "These clinics lack both medical equipment and electricity. With the arrival of a WakaWaka it is possible to treat and prevent Ebola after sunset."

Over 95% of the Liberian population is not connected to the electricity grid. Due to the current situation, power outages are even more common. For that reason toxic kerosene lights, which are both dangerous and expensive, are used. WakaWaka lights provide a clean, safe and sustainable alternative.

Annemiek Hoogenboom, Country Director of People's Postcode Lottery said "The WakaWaka is a long-term solution. After the Ebola crisis has been contained it is still a useful device. Not only are our players contributing to relief aid but to long-term sustainable development in Liberia as well."

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