Players of People's Postcode Lottery have awarded Tottenham Hotspur Foundation an extra £200,000 to support ongoing Community Development provision in the boroughs of Haringey, Enfield, Waltham Forest and Barnet, promoting social cohesion and supporting local residents on to sustainable education and employment pathways.

Sixteen-year-old Nari is just one of a number of local young people who have been supported through Tottenham Hotspur Foundation initiatives. Last year, Tottenham-based Nari was disengaged with school. "Before Tottenham Hotspur Foundation came to my school, I was always getting in to trouble – turning up late, messing around in class, being rude. I didn't really see the point in being in school and had no idea what the future would hold," Nari said.

But when Foundation coach Rakim Richards began delivering multi-sport and mentoring sessions at the Octagon Pupil Referral Unit, Nari discovered that engaging more in her studies and taking part in the extra-curricular sports sessions would open up a number of opportunities for her."Nari stood out for me for the first time we delivered a session in her school," Rakim said. "When I became her mentor I knew that working together would be an eventful journey. Through the sessions I began to understand who she was; we built up trust and formed a strong bond."

Nari soon developed a passion, and clear talent, for football. She began regularly attending the Foundation's after school football provision. There, if she wasn't taking part, she was helping the coaches, eager to learn more about the game and how she could find employment through her love of the sport."Nari has expressed an interest in enrolling in one of the Foundation's Education and Football Development Centres, where she will have the opportunity to combine her sporting ability with academic studies", Rakim added.

Nari added, "During the past five months working with the Foundation, I've grown in confidence in my studies and sports, and having the coaches as mentors helps to make sure I stay on track with my school work."

Grant Cornwell MBE, Chief Executive Officer at Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, said, "I am incredibly proud of the work Tottenham Hotspur Foundation undertakes to create opportunities that change lives across our boroughs, much of which would not be possible without the support of players of People's Postcode Lottery."

To date, the Foundation has received £300,000 from players, which has helped the Club's charitable body:

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