People's Postcode Lottery, as part of Novamedia's international family of Postcode Lotteries, has been named the world's top fundraising private charity donor. London business newspaper City A.M. today issued its fifth annual ranking of the world's largest private charity donors.

Novamedia's Postcode Lotteries were number three on the overall list of the world's largest private charity donors. First and second place in the overall 2016 Charity Index are the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (USA) and the Wellcome Trust (UK). But when it comes to organisations that actively fundraise, People’s Postcode Lottery sits at the top of the list.

The index compares the total amount that private donors awarded charities throughout the year. At the top of the list, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded £3.6 Billion, the Wellcome Trust awarded £606 Million and £446 Million came from Novamedia's Postcode Lotteries.

Prof. Dr. Theo Schuyt, (VU University Amsterdam, European Research Network on Philanthropy), who determines the rankings explains, "I would like to draw attention to one exceptional organisation - Novamedia. Many of the other organisations in the list are endowed foundations; their grants originate from legacies and donations from corporations or banks.

"However, People's Postcode Lottery in Great Britain and the Novamedia family in the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany, generates its grants from actively fundraising money by operating charity lotteries."

Jo Bucci, Managing Director of People's Postcode Lottery, said, "Fundraising is part of Postcode Lotteries' DNA. We believe the world is better off with strong civil society organisations. Our mission is to raise funds for these organisations and to increase awareness for their work. The fundraising lottery model, with such a high contribution to charities of almost £6.1 Billion to date thanks to our millions of players, is unique in the world and we are extremely proud of this."

Players of People's Postcode Lottery in Great Britain alone have raised more than £161 Million for more than 2,800 good causes across Great Britain and internationally.

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Novamedia/Postcode Lotteries is the top Fundraising Private Charity Donor 2016