How To Get Involved With A Children's Cancer Charity

Every day, the lives of children and their families are turned upside down by a cancer diagnosis. Thankfully, there's support out there which can be invaluable to those who need it, and it's something you can get involved with providing yourself.

Why Volunteer With A Children's Cancer Charity?

Being told you have cancer is scary enough when you're an adult, so just imagine what a difficult time this can be for children and their families. By lending your time to a children's cancer charity, you can become part of the support network that helps provide a light in the dark for those affected.

Whether you have your own little ones or not, seeing the difference you can make in the lives of children with cancer can be hugely rewarding. Volunteering is perfect if you have the time to dedicate to something truly worthwhile.

How To Help Children's Cancer Charities


The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust provides inspiration for children and young people through sailing. It puts on four-day trips which can be really therapeutic for people with cancer and their families. Whether you're a qualified skipper or complete novice, or have medical qualifications as a doctor, nurse or paramedic, you can lend your support by volunteering on trips.


If you prefer to keep your feet on dry land, put them to use at a children's cancer charity shop. Retail shops are great for fundraising, and you can get involved with a real community atmosphere when you volunteer in one. Whether it's sorting donations, keeping the shop floor in great shape, interacting with customers or operating the tills, this is something you can do up and down the country.


Going online is often the first port of call for youngsters with cancer. Lots of charities offer online support, such as CLIC Sargent with its team of Digital Community Champions and 'Team Young Lives' initiative. Whether it's looking after social media accounts, providing advice or helping to organise and promote events, this can be a role where you don't even need to leave the comfort of your own home to make a real difference.


As well as bringing smiles and entertainment, play specialists also help to prepare children with cancer for what lies ahead. Treatment can be scary, but play specialists build relationships with children and help them address their fears with things like toys, books, games and props. As well helping a child become less anxious, you may also find yourself having a great time too.

Things To Know Before You Volunteer

  • Usually, volunteering roles that place you in direct contact with children require you to go through checks to ensure you're allowed to do so.
  • Seeing poorly children can be upsetting for anyone, but don't let this put you off. You should receive support on how to deal with these feelings, allowing you to have a positive influence on a young life.

Where To Get Started

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