Volunteering For Children’s Charities In London

Why Volunteer for a Children's Charity in London?

Despite London being one of the world's most advanced cities, there are many kids there growing up in less-than-ideal conditions. In fact, around 700,000 children in the capital live in relative poverty. Thankfully, charities are brilliant at providing vital resources that these children may otherwise never receive. But to do the vital work they do, these organisations need our help.

Children are our future, which is why People's Postcode Lottery players help fund many children's charities across the UK. Every time you play, you'll be helping, as money from every ticket goes towards thousands of good causes.

Whether it's an organisation that aids kids growing up in war-torn countries, or a local group that teaches young people about healthy eating, there are numerous national and London-based children's charities to get involved with. You can help children living in London and around the world to secure a brighter future by contributing your time or skills with one of the following organisations.

Children's Charities in London That Need Your Support

Eat Club

This small charity based in Shoreditch aims to educate underprivileged children and teens around the city about healthy eating, while encouraging team work and social development. Eat Club organises a series of bespoke courses that teach kids how to prepare food from scratch and turn it into nutritious meals that they can enjoy with their family and friends.

Players of People's Postcode Lottery provided Eat Club with £1,970 in funding in 2018. As well as playing People's Postcode Lottery, there are many ways you can support the charity. Contact them and ask about donating ingredients they need for their culinary classes. You can also rent or recommend their event space, the profits from which will return to the charity.

The Lloyd Park Children's Charity

Located in Waltham Forest, the Lloyd Park Children's Charity provides financially troubled families in the area with the best possible care and facilities for their young kids. As well as running two nurseries, it also has a Children & Family Centre in Lloyd Park that not only provides valuable support services, but is also a welcoming space to bring kids to play and develop.

The Lloyd Park Children's Charity also runs a Baby Bank that collects resources such as nappies, clothing and baby equipment for those unable to afford them. This makes it a great charity to support, and you can do so by:

  • donating items to the Baby Bank,
  • volunteering in the Grow Wild outdoor activities garden at the centre, or
  • assisting as a translator at the charity's play groups or educational sessions if you speak another language.

Our players raised £19,608 for this amazing organisation in 2018.

Save the Children

Save the Children is one of the world's largest charities that's solely dedicated to improving the lives of young people around the globe. As well as its international campaigns that assist children growing up in developing countries, it provides vital resources and opportunities to disadvantaged kids here in the UK. The organisation aims to empower and support parents too, so they can give their children the best possible futures.

To date, People's Postcode Lottery players have raised more than £6 Million for Save the Children. As well as signing up to play yourself, you could also support this amazing organisation in countless ways, from planning a fundraising challenge or volunteering in one of their London shops, to getting involved with campaigns like their Christmas Jumper Day.


Whizz-Kids is an incredible charity that helps disabled children across the UK achieve their dreams. Since being founded in London in 1990, the charity has gone on to provide mobility equipment and other resources to thousands of families, as well as organising empowering workshops, residential camps and youth clubs.

We're very proud that players of People's Postcode Lottery have raised over £1 Million for Whizz-Kids so far. As well as playing, why not get involved in a sponsored challenge or other fundraising activity? Whizz-Kids is also always on the lookout for volunteers to help with admin in their London head office, and to assist in running their youth activity workshops.

How Can You Help?

As well as raising funds by playing People's Postcode Lottery, volunteering directly with children's charities in London is a really rewarding way to do your bit. Take a look at opportunities near you by using our Local Causes directory.