Volunteering For Homeless Charities In Coventry

Why Volunteer for a Homeless Charity in Coventry?

It's always distressing to see someone living on the streets, whatever their circumstances have been. Homelessness in the UK is a widespread problem, especially in large cities like Coventry. 2018 marked the highest number of rough sleepers on record there - and it'll only keep increasing without your help.

From safe accommodation and nutritious meals, to employment opportunities for those unable to obtain work due to lack of experience or a criminal record, there are many services that can greatly benefit homeless people. Thankfully, there are also many charities out there which are fantastic at providing these.

People's Postcode Lottery is proud to support homeless charities across the UK and donate a proportion of every ticket sold to a host of worthy causes. As well as signing up to play, you could choose to help support those who have been forced to live on the streets by volunteering with some wonderful homeless charities in Coventry.

Homeless Charities in Coventry That Need Your Help


Crisis is a national charity in the UK solely dedicated to helping the homeless. It was established in 1967 and now operates across the UK. While its fundraising efforts and donations help run projects in many cities, the organisation also opens up crisis centres at Christmas time in certain locations, including in Coventry.

You could get involved with Crisis at Christmas by volunteering in Coventry to help prepare Christmas dinner in their kitchen, provide complementary health and wellbeing services, by offering up your time to run fun festive activities or by helping transport the city's homeless to a meal on Christmas Day. If you have a background in mental health, counselling or social work, volunteering to act as a befriender, providing extra support for guests who are need of additional help, is a fantastic way to use your skills.

If you'd like to volunteer with this homeless charity at another time of the year though, why not become a volunteer bucket collector or get involved with a Coventry fundraising event? You could also sign up to People's Postcode Lottery and add to the £1 Million which players have donated to this amazing charity so far.


Founded in 1973, the charity Coventry Cyrenians aims to assist homeless and vulnerably-housed people in Coventry and Warwickshire through a range of life-changing services. From providing supported accommodation to offering mediation and mental health services, its goal is to help and empower more of the city's disadvantaged to live independently.

As well as being able to provide nearly 200 safe housing spaces, Cyrenians also runs a social enterprise café and shop called 'Windsor's & Refreshed' in the heart of Coventry. The organisation is always seeking volunteers to help out behind the counter, serve drinks and snacks or price items, arrange the shop windows or help keeping the store clean and tidy. You could also support this great Coventry homeless charity by working at their head office reception, becoming a van driver to help collect and distribute donations or by joining in with their fundraising efforts. Whether it be a sponsored cycle, a raffle or a tea party, any way you can raise funds to donate to the charity, your efforts would be much appreciated.

We're proud to report this fantastic organisation has received £18,000 from People's Postcode Lottery players to date.


Emmaus is another national charity, having started in Paris in the 1940s. It aims to offer comprehensive support for those sleeping on the streets or in danger of ending up there. The charity currently has offices across the UK, including in Coventry and Warwickshire.

In addition to providing homes for people in need in their community house in Binley, Emmaus Coventry also tries to give people their confidence back and provide them with meaningful work, something which can be life-changing.

Emmaus have a charity shop in Coventry, which takes in donations of high quality clothing, household items, furniture, electrical items and other goods. It's run by volunteers so why not offer to do the occasional shift? You could also help out acting as a driver for furniture deliveries and collections. There are also volunteering opportunities to help with maintenance at the charity's community home or grounds, or you could get involved with some of their fundraising events in Coventry. People's Postcode Lottery players have been able to support this fantastic organisation with £19,000 of funding.


This local charity is based at Hillfields Evangelical Baptist Church. Since it was founded, it has assisted over a thousand asylum seekers and Eastern European migrant families who are experiencing extreme poverty or who are at risk of becoming homeless. This incredible work is why the organisation has received £10,000 from People's Postcode Lottery players to date.

Carriers of Hope Coventry appeals for donations of furniture, household items, food, clothes, toiletries and baby equipment which are then distributed to families who are unable to afford these themselves.

As well as donating high quality goods, you could also help out by volunteering to bag up and distribute items to families or do minor repair on any broken donated items. Carriers of Hope Coventry is run almost entirely by volunteers, and is always in need of people to spread the word about their good work, too.

How Can You Show Your Support?

As well as signing up to play People's Postcode Lottery, you could show your support for some great charities by using our Local Causes directory, where you'll find opportunities in Coventry.