Whilst everyone across the UK has been affected by COVID-19, the reality is that those living in disadvantaged communities will suffer the most.

Greenhouse Sports is always looking for different ways to engage with young people and give them the support they need to develop their social, thinking, emotional and physical skills.

Working with 7,000 young Londoners from almost 50 schools across the capital, Greenhouse Sports runs a range of sports programmes, including basketball, tennis, table tennis and volleyball.

Since schools closed, its coaches have gone online. They have taken the frightening disruption and isolation of COVID-19 and have tried to make a positive impact for young people.

Tailored Training

On devices propped up against sinks in the bathroom and sat on chairs in the back yard, the coaches are filming short videos of themselves speaking to the camera. They're encouraging positivity while they:

  • set tasks,
  • run fitness sessions, and
  • provide training tips and advice.

The online sessions cover a variety of sports that can be practised at home. They have a strong focus on wellbeing and how sports can continue to teach people perseverance and positivity even when they are without their teams.

The coaches are used to working with children from all different backgrounds. They provide tailored training that will really benefit the children they work with - who may not relate to the one-size-fits-all videos they could find on YouTube.

During these months, inequality is increasing, as young people in poorer parts of London will sadly see themselves slip further behind their better off peers during the period.

Greenhouse Sports is continuing to support these kids to stay engaged with their schoolwork as well as their physical wellbeing.

Great Causes

If the work of Greenhouse Sports inspires you, check out the other amazing Charities supported by our players. To date, they've raised over £500 Million for a range of deserving causes in the UK and further afield.

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Coaches at Greenhouse Sports are providing online sessions covering a variety of sports that can be practised at home