New Year celebrations will definitely be continuing for one lucky winner who plays with a postcode in Laide after she scooped an amazing £30,000. Lucky Inverness resident Daniele plays with the postcode of her holiday home, IV22 2NU, which was drawn in today's Street Prize.

Daniele, who works at Currys PC World in Inverness, was shocked to discover how much she'd won. She said, "I have absolutely no idea what I'll spend it on. I knew the Postcode Lottery team were coming round but I'd kept my expectations low and thought I might get £1,000 at most, so £30,000 is unbelievable. The first thing I’ll do is treat everyone at work to lunch – and then get my nails done!

"My house in Laide is my family’s and I love to get up there as much as possible when I’m not working to spend time outdoors and away from the internet. It’s really special to have won with that postcode. I’ve put another ticket on with my Inverness postcode now too though!"

With 32% of the ticket price going to charities, our players have raised a staggering £371 Million for good causes. This prize was part of a draw promoted by Postcode Earth Trust.

A number of local causes have been supported by players, including New Start Highland. The group was awarded £19,000 last year to run accredited job skills training courses for people in the Highlands who are suffering from social isolation and exclusion.

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Lucky Laide winner Daniele with her £30,000 cheque

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