Two players in Hounslow are delighted this week after their postcode, TW3 1LH, was revealed as a Saturday Street Prize winner.

Sylwia Jankowska, 38, couldn't believe it when she was told of her win. "I almost fainted when I heard," she said. "It's such great news!"

Stay-at-home-mum Sylwia couldn't pick up her cheque as she is currently in Poland on holiday. "We came to Poland to visit family," she said. "It's a special trip as my brother is getting married. It's an even more special time now that I have won."

Sylwia, who is married to her supervisor husband Marek, decided to sign up and play to support good causes. Sylwia is still deciding on how to spend her winnings.

"It's still such a shock that I can't think what to spend the money on," she said. "It will most likely go towards my children's future as they are the most important thing to me."

There was one other player in the winning postcode, who was not available to receive their cheque. Their prize money will be transferred direct into their bank account.

Players of People's Postcode Lottery have raised over £79.2 Million for charities and good causes across Great Britain and internationally. One organisation local to this week's winning Saturday Street Prize postcode to have received funding is the Surrey Care Trust.

The Surrey Care Trust provides learning and training to young people and adults to help them overcome disadvantage and social exclusion. They received £8,985 to develop their project, 'Proud of Our Garden'. The funding enabled the Surrey Care Trust to improve their garden, as well as hire a temporary playworker.

Two Hounslow players have won big in this weekend's Saturday Street Prize

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