A £25,000 winner from Girdle Toll says he can't stop staring at the five-figured cheque on his mantelpiece.

Rodney Speirs scooped the prize pot when his lucky postcode, KA11 1PW, was drawn as a winner of one of the weekend's Saturday Street Prizes.

The heating and ventilation supervisor from Newhouse Way was the only winner on the street.

He said, "After I got the cheque, I put it on my mantelpiece and I can't stop staring at it. This is a different kind of excitement.

"Good things do come in threes. My wife Mandy and I are 31 years married this week, one of my sons has just been accepted to the college he wants to go to, and now this!

"I'm going to book a holiday and get some things done around the house. I'm also going to take my friends and family out for some superb nosh."

People's Postcode Lottery Ambassador Judie McCourt, who presented the £25,000 cheque to Rodney on his doorstep, was ecstatic for our winner. "What a fabulous time I had in Girdle Toll filming Rodney's big surprise. With People's Postcode Lottery, there are chances to win every day and players like Rodney are helping to raise so much money for good causes around the country."

Over £129 Million has been raised to date by players for good causes across Great Britain and internationally. Player-supported charities near today's Ayrshire winner include the Kilmarnock YMCA, which received £14,398 last year, and the Craigie Amateur Community Sports Club, which was awarded £582 in 2016.

There is also cause to celebrate in Birmingham today as another Saturday Street Prize landed in B33 8PY.

Girdle Toll winner Rodney Speirs celebrates with People's Postcode Lottery Ambassador Judie McCourt

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