A lucky postcode in Swindon has left one player of People's Postcode Lottery £25,000 richer. SN1 3LD was drawn as a winner in one of this weekend's Saturday Street Prizes.

Winner Michael Carter couldn't believe his luck when he found out how much he'd won.

Michael said, "When they pulled out the £25,000 cheque, it was simply unbelievable. This is truly life-changing for me and my wife. I am going to frame my cheque – in a big frame!

"We currently rent so we are going to put down a deposit on a house – hopefully we can keep our lucky postcode! I've got the champagne in the fridge – it's ready for when my wife comes home, and then we're going out for nice meal to celebrate.

"If anyone doesn't think they can win, I would say play it, believe in it – because it can happen to anyone. I've just won £25,000 and I can't believe it, but I have the cheque in my hands to prove it."

As a charity lottery, People's Postcode Lottery players have raised over £113 Million for good causes across Great Britain and internationally. King William Playgroup in Swindon received £10,000 from players to upgrade a multifunctional play area.

Also today, players in Yate scooped £25,000 Saturday Street Prizes.

Swindon player Michael Carter won an incredible £25,000 this weekend

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