It's a fantastic day for one Falkirk player after they picked up a cheque for £30,000. The winner's postcode, FK2 7UW, was drawn as the winner of Sunday's Street Prize. Each day of December's draws every player in one lucky postcode will take home a cheque for £30,000 for each ticket they play with.

With 32% of the ticket price going to charities, our players have raised a staggering £371 Million for good causes. This prize was part of a draw promoted by the Royal National Institute of Blind People.

One good cause close to the winner that players have supported in Stirling Carers Centre. The group received £1,750 earlier this year to create a garden where both carers and those they care for can enjoy the outdoors.

Presenter Danyl Johnson revealed today's lucky £30,000 winning postcode in a Facebook Live video earlier. As part of December's draws, each day we're announcing Street Prize winners. Check out our Facebook page at 1pm tomorrow to hear where the next big cheque is landing.

In 2019, £150 Million in prizes will be won by our players! Take a look at all of our fantastic Prizes and check out How It Works. Sign up to play today, and you could be opening your very own golden envelope like our lucky Falkirk winner.

One Falkirk player has picked up £30,000

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