Four players in Elvington will be celebrating this week after winning £30,000 thanks to People's Postcode Lottery. Their lucky postcode, CT15 4DT, was drawn as the winner of Sunday's Street Prize.

Husband and wife Michael and Belinda Clark scooped £60,000 together as they play with a ticket each. "It still needs to sink in," said Michael.

Michael has been playing People's Postcode Lottery since 2015 and Belinda followed suit a year later. "My wife copied me," he said. "She saw that I kept getting the odd £10 win and wanted to get involved. We also both care about the charities supported so it was an easy decision."

Veteran Michael and retired hospice worker Belinda are hoping to go on holiday with their win. "We've always fancied Cuba," said Michael. "My wife has often been taken on holiday by her family so I know she'd like to return the favour and take her sisters away somewhere. We have four children and four grandchildren too so we'll have to sit down and really think about how to spend the money."

John Prior was delighted to find out he'd won £30,000. "It's phenomenal," he said. "I never thought I'd ever win anything."

John's neighbour, Barbara Mogan-Lovett also scooped £30,000. "Wow, wow, wow!" she said. Barbara is looking forward to a very special trip with her winnings. "I haven't seen my son in seven years," she said. "Australia: we're coming back!"

Street Prize Presenter Jeff Brazier said, "I've met some fantastic people in Elvington today who were all very excited to receive their cheques. It was great to meet a husband and wife team who both play – no fighting over the cheque for them!"

A minimum of 30% of the ticket price goes directly to charities. To date, players of People's Postcode Lottery have raised more than £212 Million for over 2,800 good causes across Great Britain and internationally.

One good cause local to the winning postcode which has received support from players is Sing for your Life. The charity was awarded £9,000 last year to support the independence and mental wellbeing of older people in Kent & East Sussex.

There were also smiling faces in Sittingbourne as four lucky ME10 2JN neighbours scooped £30,000 each in Saturday's Street Prize.

The lucky Elvington winners celebrating with Street Prize Presenter Jeff Brazier

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