A Bristol woman who scooped £25,000 on Christmas Eve says the win came as a bit of a surprise to her husband, who had no idea she played People's Postcode Lottery! Lisa's postcode, BS30 6JF, was drawn in one of two Saturday Street Prizes today.

The mum-of-two said good things come in threes. "I had a £10 win in November and then another £10 win just days before I found out I had won £25,000, which was such a nice surprise.

"When I broke the news to my husband, who didn't even know I played People's Postcode Lottery, he said, 'We're lottery winners,' and I jokingly told him 'No, I'm a lottery winner!'

"We'll take our time and think about what we're going to do with the money. My two daughters have already asked for some extra Christmas presents, and I'm planning a shopping trip to New York next year."

Street Prize Presenter Judie McCourt said, "I had so much fun making such a special delivery to Lisa on Christmas Eve. If you think your postcode is lucky, sign up to play now. You never know, we could be visiting your street with winning cheques very soon."

Players of People's Postcode Lottery have raised more than £161 Million to date for charities across Great Britain and internationally.

A project near Bristol which has received support from players is Filton Community Association. The association was awarded £20,000 this year to install solar power to the roof of the community centre.

As well as Bristol's winter windfall, there were £25,000 wins in Aylmerton this weekend.

Lucky Lisa with her £25,000 cheque and Street Prize Presenter Judie McCourt

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