In Bedford, Shirley Eyide, 38, was stunned when former X-Factor star and People's Postcode Lottery presenter Danyl Johnson arrived on her doorstep to present her with a £25,000 cheque. Shirley's postcode, MK40 2NZ, was drawn as one of this week's Saturday Street Prize winners.

"I was not expecting to win so much," she said. "My head is aching."

Support worker Shirley signed up to play in May this year when a friend recommended it. "A friend of mine told me about People's Postcode Lottery, and I wanted to sign up to help support charities," she said. "I must thank her."

Although Shirley is still in shock about her win, she has a few ideas of how she'd like to spend the money. "I need to sit down and really think about it," she said. "But I think I'll be doing a bit of shopping and then perhaps book a holiday. My son is three, so it might be nice to take him to Disneyland."

People's Postcode Lottery presenter Danyl Johnson and Bedford player Shirley proudly display her £25,000 cheque

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