Four West Bromwich residents have an exciting year ahead having landed a Dream Holiday win thanks to their lucky postcode, B70 6AS.

Two of the Spon Lane neighbours won £5,000 in holiday vouchers along with £2,000 in spending money, while another two winners play with two tickets each and so will receive double the prize - £10,000 in holiday vouchers and £4,000 in spending money.

The winners can use their vouchers to create their own dream holiday, whether that's splurging on a holiday of a lifetime or taking a few smaller trips.

Jacqueline Young plays with one ticket and is delighted with her prize. "My husband Paul and I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this year, and we really want to go away to celebrate but didn't know if it was going to be possible. That's not going to be a worry now – we are going to have to get our thinking caps on to decide where to go!"

Lorraine Roberts won the same prize. "I'm not very well at the moment and my husband Terry has surgery coming up, but we will look forward to having a well-deserved holiday once we've both recuperated."

Just a few months ago, West Bromwich postcode sector B70 7 landed the Postcode Millions prize, which saw 103 residents share the £3 Million prize pot.

A minimum of 30% of the ticket price goes directly to charities, and players have raised more than £175 Million to date for good causes across Great Britain and internationally.

A local cause that has received player support is The Great Bridge Community Forum, which was awarded £862 last year to provide sports activities for children in the area.

There were winners galore this weekend, as players in Atrincham scooped £30,000 prizes, one lucky Sutton Coldfield resident won £30,000 of his own, and players in East Devon shared a whopping £3 Million prize pot.

Lucky players in West Bromwich will be jetting off with the Dream Holiday prize

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