A lucky postcode in Killingworth has made four players of People's Postcode Lottery £25,000 richer, after being drawn in one of this weekend's two Saturday Street Prizes.

Their postcode, NE12 5BD, was one of today's big winners, and People's Postcode Lottery Ambassador Judie McCourt was on hand in Green Hills in Killingworth to deliver some cheques.

One lucky winner, Wendy Johnson, was overjoyed with her £25,000 cheque.

Wendy said, "I keep looking at the cheque to make sure it's real. I expected it would be a smaller prize as Judie opened the envelope and never would I win that amount. I absolutely couldn't believe it. Never thought in my life I would win £25,000. It is just unreal.

"After Christmas, I thought I would finally join. I activated my ticket at the end of January and I thought there were lots of prizes. So this is my second draw and I've bagged £25,000."

Wendy wasn't the only person in her family to strike it lucky recently. Her cousin received a golden envelope after winning in the Leeds Postcode Millions last month!

"My cousin won £5,000 a few weeks ago from People's Postcode Lottery as well! So the luck is running in the family at the moment.

"I rang her yesterday and she couldn't believe it. Unfortunately, my mum lives in my postcode and she hasn't joined, so she just missed out. That's why we'll tell everyone to join! There are so many prizes and so many chances to win!"

After handing over the cheques, Judie said, "I really enjoyed meeting our players in Killingworth – it was a pleasure. I couldn't believe it when Wendy told me her cousin had won a prize from People's Postcode Lottery only last month! There are so many prizes up for grabs every day that I'm sure I'll start meeting more and more lucky families."

So far, players of the charity lottery have raised an amazing £113 Million for charities across Great Britain and internationally. One charity near Killingworth that has benefitted from player support is the Percy Hedley Foundation. They received £20,000 to purchase hydrotherapy and sensory equipment for children and adults with cerebral palsy.

Killingworth players weren't the only big winners this weekend. The April Postcode Millions landed in Blackburn, another Saturday Street Prize landed in Southsea, £5,000 Dream Holidays landed in Crook, and Farnborough players won the £5,000 + BMW prize.

Killingworth winners Xena Marshall and Wendy Johnson smile proudly with People's Postcode Lottery Ambassador Judie McCourt

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