One happy Swindon resident's luck has come in this week when postcode SN3 6NH was drawn as the winner of our monthly BMW & £25,000 Prize.

Patricia couldn't believe her luck when People's Postcode Lottery Ambassador Danyl Johnson appeared on her doorstep. She said, "The first thing I said when I saw the £25,000 on the big cheque was that I need a new car, then the next thing I knew a BMW was driving round the corner!

"The money goes to so many different charities, so it's worthwhile doing even if you don't win – that's why I signed up. And now I've won too!"

Danyl Johnson said, "It was lovely to meet Patricia today and surprise her with her win. I hope she enjoys spending – and driving – it!"

A minimum of 31% of the ticket price goes to charities. Players of People's Postcode Lottery have, to date, raised over £237 Million for more than 2,800 good causes across Great Britain and internationally.

A project that has received player support near the winning postcode is The Open Door. The project was awarded £2,339 last year to provide a service to support people over the age of 60 with learning disabilities.

Lucky Swindon winner Patricia with Ambassador Danyl Johnson and her new BMW

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