One player in Rogart is celebrating this week after winning big with People's Postcode Lottery – for the second time!

Michael MacPherson, 57, had previously won a £1,000 Daily Prize, and was shocked this time to be presented with a£25,000 cheque. Michael's postcode, IV28 3UB, was drawn as this week's Saturday Street Prize winner.

"I'm a very happy chappie," he said. "This will make life much easier."

Michael, who works as a supervisor for a fuel depot, couldn't believe his luck to be winning again. "I started playing to help good causes and am delighted to win again. They say these things come in threes, so maybe I'll get lucky for a third time!"

After his first win, Michael treated himself to something just for him. "I bought myself a motorbike," he said. "I'd had one when I was younger and just wanted something not too expensive to drive around in. I wouldn't have bought one if I hadn't won the £1,000."

This time around, Michael has decided to spend his win on something different. "I actually need a bit of work done around the house," he said. "The money will also be spent on my partner Jean and I's next holiday and then I will save a bit for a rainy day."

As Michael said, players don't just sign up to win fantastic prizes. Players have raised over £86.8 Million for charities across Great Britain and internationally. One project local to Michael to have received funding is the Ardgay Public Hall. The Hall was awarded £2,679 for renovation work, in order to improve the hall for wider community use.

Saturday's Street Prize winner, Michael MacPherson in Rogart, alongside Judie McCourt and his £25,000 cheque

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