Thanks to the amazing ongoing support from players of People's Postcode Lottery, Midland Arts Centre (MAC) also known as mac birmingham continues to provide opportunities for everyone to engage in a range of interactive and exciting art forms.

MAC is a seeing, making and doing kind of a space in the heart of Birmingham receiving over 1 million visits every year.

A contemporary arts centre, mac birmingham is also a vital hub for the local community, providing a safe space for those from diverse backgrounds to come together and discover their creativity.

As part of ensuring there's something for everyone, MAC offers courses for people with all levels of experience, free access to their galleries, and a wide programme of both paid and free performances and film. It's also a home to MAC Makes Music, a Youth Music funded programme bringing music-making opportunities to young people in often excluded settings.

Something For Everyone

MAC will be providing a drawing workshop for students from Birmingham's Nelson Mandela Primary School and at the same time Tea and T'internet provides some digital fun for over 65s. Everyone can join in with some Tai Chi or origami, and there's a special session for Dementia Friends, an Alzheimer's Society initiative. There will be performances by disabled artists, a relaxed family film screening, music performances for babies and a performance by the National Youth Orchestra.

Each year, visitors to MAC get to benefit from the support of People's Postcode Lottery players. The incredible £1.5 Million of support MAC has received from our players has changed lives - connecting people, supporting careers and bringing joy to hundreds of thousands of people.

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A father and his two children take part in a pottery class at Midlands Arts Centre