One postcode in South Shields has landed eight lucky players a staggering £30,000 prize each.

The Walworth Avenue neighbours, who play with the postcode NE34 7EP, scooped the cash thanks to winning Sunday's Street Prize.

Lisa was joined by her husband Peter when she was presented with her cheque. She said of the win, "I just cried when I opened it – I couldn't speak. It's just so overwhelming, I absolutely never thought it would happen to us."

Brian accepted the prize on behalf of his partner Louise who was the winner. He said, "I didn't even know she played People's Postcode Lottery so it's even more of a shock, but definitely a good one. This is a lovely cul-de-sac to live in and I'm absolutely delighted for our neighbours who've won too, they really deserve it."

Anne opened the cheque on behalf of her husband David. Anne was also lost for words when she found out how much they'd won. She said, "I honestly can't believe it. I can't wait to let David know, and then we'll need to have a good think about what we're going to spend it on. It's amazing that so much money goes to charity just by playing, so really it's just an incredible bonus that we've won this."

Street Prize Presenter Judie McCourt said, "I think we had some very excited people here in South Shields today! It's fantastic to see neighbours winning together and they were all obviously so pleased for each other. I hope they enjoy spending their winnings!"

As 32% of the ticket price goes to charity, players of People's Postcode Lottery have now raised more than £330 Million for over 4,000 good causes across Great Britain and internationally. This Street Prize was part of a draw promoted by Postcode Planet Trust.

One local charity that has benefited from player funding is Veterans Response. The group received £2,000 last year to train disadvantaged veterans in employability and life skills.

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South Shields wasn't the only lucky area this weekend, another player picked up a £30,000 cheque elsewhere in Saturday's Street Prize.

The lucky South Shields winners with their fabulous cheques

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